We know you love to talk about music. This category is for all non Roskilde festival related music talk.
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A very sad day today. I Don't find The words... :cry: :cry: :cry:
I have never been a fan. But he has a big place in the history of music. First Lemmy, now Bowie, let plz not lose more legend in the new future
RIP! True artist, so glad to have had him on this planet. Good journey, spaceman!!
What a hero he was. I usually don't take the death of celebrities that bad, but this news has actually hit me. What a way to go out though.
Really sad news! I will always remember the '96 concert at Roskilde.

Unfortunately I never got to see him live. I was at Roskilde when he was booked in the 2000's but he had to cancel that tour.
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