Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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Lionel Richie is touring Europe this summer, could he be the 2016 legend headliner?
He's still available on the 1st of June and in the UK around that date.
LOL I am sure if you are trolling or not
No, I'm pretty serious. Why wouldn't he be a relevant legend headliner or at least sub-headliner?
I can´t see him fitting in at Roskilde at all. He have not been relevant for ages and the music still he have, dont fit in very well. That in all makes him a very very weird name to spend money on for Roskilde. Send him to Smukfest, Jelling or the likes
Would be very nice to have Lionel at Roskilde, his gig in Falconer last year was so crazy expensive that I gave up getting tickets.

Any type of music fits at Roskilde! Lionel Richie became relevant with the youth again last year after Adele re-did his "Hello" song.

Also from Wiki: On June 28, 2015, Richie played to an appreciative 100,000 – 120,000 audience at the Glastonbury Festival, England. His show was described as "triumphant" by the BBC and was followed by his return to the top of the UK albums chart with a reissued compilation album of his work as both a solo artist and with the Commodores.

BBC article here "Glastonbury 2015: Lionel Richie draws festival's biggest crowd":

And this video from Glastonbury 2015 could easily be Orange in 2016:
Now that Smukfest is sold out, some of the money should probably be spent on him. In Jutland.
BigL wrote: And this video from Glastonbury 2015 could easily be Orange in 2016:

I disagree, he in noway have that drawing power in Denmark
Ummm, maybe not my cup of tea. Rather have Elton John and probably wouldn´t attend that concert either.
He is no doubt a massive superstar, but I'm not sure he has the same traction in Denmark as in the UK. However, he hasn't played Roskilde, ever. He could work in the 'oldies' slot on Saturday.
OK ,Lionel blew a Sunday afternoon legend slot away in Glastonbury. I would rather see Robert Plant and his band or ............................................. for this Legend slot ,
So, Lionel Richie was not on the Smukfest lineup as some had speculated/hoped for.
Instead, his schedule is still open on the 30th of June and 1st of July, so he could pop over to Roskilde between his gigs in Manchester and London. ... 167614127/
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