Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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As I was checking, I happen to notice that pearl jam has a huge gap on their tour dates that stretches from June 9th to August 5th. With Tame Impala on June 29th they're going to to be to Poland before Thor next show in Italy in July 5th. Tame might be cutting it tight it seems possible to hit up Roskilde. In the other hand with Pearl, I'm hoping their tour isn't only a US tour. I rather see them in Roskilde instead of Miami. Another question is, would they play in Roskilde ever since 2000?
Really?. It ain,t gonna happen . Get your ticket for Miami.
Pearl Jam will never ever play Roskilde again. Never.
Tame Impala should have played last year. I'm not expecting them this year really.
Pearl Jam isn't even touring Europe, right?
Tame Impala didn't begin touring Europe until late August last year, which was why we didn't get them in 2015, and 'Currents' didn't release until mid July. Having them on last year would have been jumping the gun on an album no-one anticipated would sound like that.
Ah okay. I saw them booked at several other summer festivals last year but didn't know about them starting their European tour that late.
I saw a recording from the Lowlands festival which was epic!
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