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Anyone know where to get some good Swedish snus in CHP/Roskilde as I would like to stock up on the way back from RF16, can only get the middle of the road stuff online here.(daft EU law).
There is a kiosk on Frederiksberg that has a wide selection of snus, I can see if my snus loving friend has the adress.
Candy Kiosk, Falkoner Alle 61 on Frederiksberg.
Nice one , if you see a red bearded/ dreaded sun burnt Irish man wandering around RF like a tramp (which I normally do ) its me , Only bringing one set of clothes this year to make room for snus contraband. 8-) THANKS. getting sick of thunder extra strong , would murder for portion a General or Skruff or a can of Carlsberg Elephant for that matter, but location is everything.
I will look out for you., I will probably be a guide at the train station so if you see a short chubby guy with a orange vest at the station please stop by and say hallo. :-)
Due to local festival will only be arriving Monday evening :bang: Hope to meet up with you and all the forumers this year missed the meet up last year , cant really remember why? But thats Roskilde :P
I have actually never been at the meet up before, its usually because of the volunteer job.

But maybe this year.
Never have I, will make point of having a beer with yea , getting tired of sparring with faceless names. ;) ;)
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