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Hello everybody.
I just had a short question regarding the festival dates. What date will the first artist start to play? Is it the first day of the festival or a few days in? I'm curious to know because I'm going this summer but would like to spend a few days in Copenhagen first, but want to make sure I don't miss out on any of the acts that I want to see.
Does anyone know what date the schedule will be released?

Thank you
The 'main' music schedule is from Wednesday 29th June until Saturday 2nd July. This is when all the big international acts play on the largest stages.
However, from Sunday the 26th of June, already three stages are open in the camping area with Scandinavian acts.
Rising stage has mostly rock / pop
Apollo (j.r.) stage has mostly electronica / DJs
Skate stage has mostly hip-hop, urban and electronica / DJs

The complete schedule is usually released only a few days before the festival starts. In the last two years the full schedule has been release a couple of weeks before the start of the festival though.

I would like to recommend that you do not skip the days before the main music program but experience the full festival, including the first 3, 4 days of the so called 'warm-up' part of the festival. These days are as much part of the Roskilde festival experience / Orange feeling as the main music program. Some would argue the warm-up days are the main reason to visit Roskilde festival and it is what makes the Roskilde festival experience unique.
Thank you for the info, it will all be taken into consideration. I'm trying to find ticket prices for the train from København to roskilde but can't find any info for june/July. Is there a fixed price or will the price change with availability? Is there another mode of transportation that is preferred?

Thank you
I'm pretty sure the train prices are the same in the summer.
During the festival there is a temporarily train station setup at the West camping area at the festival so you can directly travel by train from Copenhagen to the festival area.
Unless you can share a taxi cab with someone, the train is your best option.

Keep an eye on updates this page closer to the festival:
http://www.roskilde-festival.dk/guide (Transport section).
I too suggest you come for the whole festival. Besides all the fun (and that really is a lot of fun, the warm-up), it´s also easier to find aspot for your tent if you arrive early. You can visit Copenhagen easily from Roskilde for a day trip or so. Of course that´ll cost you little extra. (One way ticket is about 15 euros / 100 krones)
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