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Travelling Europe for a couple months and thought we'd drop by roskilde for our first time. Anyone out there with a camp willing to have a couple of Australian guys join them? Would be good to have some people to party with and show us the ropes.
G,day, Suprised you haven,t got a responce yet ,but its sill a bit early, I remember my first RF ,Just turned up on my own 6 years ago , and haven,t looked back since, (Camp we dont give a fuck) are on the prowl for some new blood , check them out . I would, but cant arrive until Monday. Bollox.
^ I joined Camp we don't give a fuck last year for my first Roskilde and it was just awesome! The camp is really great with awesome people from all around, there's a new post here about how we're looking for people to join so check that out! :D
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