Discuss the current and past Roskilde festival lineup and announcements.
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Todays/nights artists are...

Channel one

Foals 02:00-02:50
LCD Soundsystem 07:20-09:00

Channel 2

The Last Shadow Puppets 04:20-05:10
M83 07:00-07:50

There are no Roskilde artists on channel 3 today.

Savages just played and they were really good.
Gotta go see them at RF.
Oh I missed them :-)

LCD is running late so I´m catching the last part of them now during the Formula 1 qualification.

Normally I think they they have reruns until the day 2 stream starts around midnight so hopefully I can catch the ones I missed during the night,
Okay they are not late.

The time different is 9 hours and not 8 so they are on schedule.

Silly me :lol:
The rebroadcasts starts now. Mavis Staples is starting on channel one just like yesterday.
Foals is on now on channel 1
The Last Shadow Puppets is up next after Børns on Channel 2.
Savages has started now.

But But But what a show by Sufjan Stevens, I hope he´s one of the last 4 acts.
Savages still seemed to be a top-notch band. Would be a Roskilde must-see for me, gladly they´re also playing Flow festival in Helsinki in August.
And now M83 is on :-)
LCD Soundsystem is on now.
Saturdays livestream if you can´t wait for the rebroadcast tomorrow.

Channel 1

Courtney Barnett 03:50

Channel 2

Grimes 08:15

Channel 3

Vince Staples 06:30

And Sunday

Channel 2

Miike Snow 08:15
Coldblooded wrote: LCD Soundsystem is on now.

And I love it :D
M83 sucked big time. LCD Soundsystem on the other hand is very good.
Whaaaat I loved it, but I have never seen them live so I didn´t know what to expect :-)
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