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As a bit of a boat man I was thinking of going on a trip on the M/S Sagasfjord tour ferry out of Roskilde Fjord if this year if I get a chance , Has anyone been on her before as reviews are mixed online?
Cofoco is responsible for the kitchen onboard the ship and Cofoco has a very good renomé in the business so that sounds promising :D

If you have visited Cofoco´s pizza stand at the festival you probably have a good idea of what to expect.

But the last time I was on the ship is probably 25 years ago so I was a very little child so I can´t remember much.
But but but but

Have you seen the timetable.

The only times you can take the ship if you don´t want use any of the music days are these.

Saturday and Sunday in the warm up days and Sunday after the festival.

Or perhaps 12-14 on the Wednesday before the music starts.

http://sagafjord.dk/wp-content/uploads/ ... afjord.pdf
Wednesday it is then?, But from previous experiance it is extremely hard to make plans @RF without getting sidetracked for something which is fun at the time, Cheers for the info. :D
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