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What has or is it going to take to make you do to go to RF 16 or any RF in the past , if it is air miles , 18 hour stopovers , picking strawberries or selling your best friends hamster, there has to be some crazy stories out there. Spent a night in CHP asleep? on baggage carousel that started and stopped every half hour waiting for a bag with my tent that was stuck in Frankfurt after my my direct flight got cancelled, it must get worse than this?
I once quit my job in order to get to the festival (2004). Had that job for about 4 years and my new boss was treating everyone like shit saying it was impossible for me to have that week off. So I quit.
Couple of years back, I booked my flights for one day too early, so I sat on camping chair for one night in the queing area and drank beer alone. For an older guy like me that was not the ideal way to start the festival (an hour or two aspleep that night). Also in 2001 we missed our flight back to Finland and had to sleep overnight in CPH airport. So we drank beer. A friend of mine had to go to work straight from the airport. He was selling household equipment. Don´t think he made very many deals that day (he looked "a bit exhausted").
Hehe living 25 kilometers from the festival so I don´t have any wild trips.

But we have a thing about taking the small roads over Lille Skensved and Havdrup instead of taking the main road from Køge to Roskilde, for what reason I can´t remember but its just our thing. :-)
Well, think I've mentioned this one before, and it's more of a planned thing... But twice (1999 and 2004), we went straight from Glastonbury to Roskilde. First time by train pretty much all the way, and with stops, which took a fair amount of days (arrived at Roskilde Wednesday). But in 2004, just for the heck of it, we left a very muddy Glastonbury Monday morning, via Gatwick, to arrive at Roskilde the same evening - with much more mud yet to come. :) (Yeah, we did stop in Copenhagen to get fresh mudless clothes - not all that much point)
In 2010 (I think it was) my grandpartens had they gold weeding on the friday doing Roskilde. I did´t go, lets just say they where not happy at all
I don't have any cool stories other than we have been making the trip back and forth to the festival since 2003 from the south of the Netherlands (close to the Belgian border) by car every year. We try to make the going trip part of the experience with a music playlist for the upcoming festival days and taking it easy with lots of breaks and nice places off the main road to eat.

The only time we missed the festival (the year with Bruce Springsteen) was because of a wedding party of a friend (who had come with us to Roskilde two times in the previous years). I looked at flights to see if I could leave Roskilde for a day or two to just go to his party but it really wasn't practical so I had to miss out that year.
The first time I went to Roskilde it was with a friend. We didn't have any money, so somehow we arrangede for a free trip on our way there. We went on a bus, that was hedding for Copenhagen to pick up some kinds, there was going to a camp-thing in Jutland. So far so good.

When we arrived, my friend confessed he didn't have a ticket, so he had to jump the fence when it got dark. It carried his and mine things in and made camp (I did have a ticket). For some reason I only brought a small backpack and a sleepingbag. In my backpack i had six bottles of wine, a spare set of clothes and toothbrush.

He was smart enough tp bring a tent. So I had shelter, but the ground get very cold at night, with nothing between me and the cold except my sleepingbag... Well he got in during the dark. It was 1996 and the years before the festivsl had ben sold out, but not that year. So ticket sharks were selling ticket for next to nothing, and we bought one for 150kr for my friend.

The festival it self went okay, we lived for next to nothing but had fun. The way home was a problem though. Now we had absolutley no money. So we tried to get on the most crowded train, hoping the ticket guy would not be able to go around, checking ticket. That only worked until Odense.

From there we tried to hitchhike the rest of the way, but ended up stranded at the freeway during the night we got picked up by a trucker, who asked if we knee how to roll a join. We did. So he handed us his gear, we made the joint, thinking it was for us. It was not. The trucker snoked the whole thing him self.

Somewhere outside Aarhus, the trucker looked s bit pale, put his face right up to the front window and said "oh shit, this stuff hits like a hammer". We asked him to let us off the truck, as we wanted to live. We slept under some bushes in the suburbs until morning, planing to hitchhike the rest of the way.

To get to a better point where we could hitchhike the rest of the way, we took a bus. In the busses kn Aarshus, you can get on without buying a ticket, so we did. Only to get caught by a ticket controller sox in the morning in the freaking suburbs. The fine cost more than the train ride home.
Nothing exiting on my part yet, but 2016 is shaping up to get quite a story:

I've just finished my thesis on CBS, which I handed in a month early to make sure the defence of it would not interfere with Roskilde Festival. I even chose the first days at Roskilde as the dates I could not defend it even though it would be 2 months after handing in.

No luck. CBS did not give a fuck. I'm defending Tuesday during the Festival. I warned the administration and my supervisor, that I would arrive right from the dirt if this happened, so I guess I'll have to be a man of my word. I'll definently arrive the first day / day before that. Only question at the moment is, if I' going home monday during the afternoon or if I'm simply going back and forward tuesday morning like a boss. Have to be in Cph at 9.00, so I would have to get up very early.

Never left the festival, so this is really sad, and I must admit that it won't be optimal to defend a thesis coming from two days of heavy drinking and one day of light drinking. Might end up a fun story, but it really is SHIT :bang: :bang: :evil: :cry: :cry: .

(Luckily it seems possible that I can participate in our daily drinking stage (Tour De France inspired) both monday and tuesday at 12.00, so my general classification ambition can be intact :lol: :lol: :lol: )
Sucks but cool story non the less. Please take a picture of how you look going to your presentation.
I did skip a wedding once. I know there was a bit of mumbling behind my back, but no reaction straight to my face. :)
Two days heavy drinking and one day light drinking , in my experience turns into three days heavy drinking ,but as you said they have been warned, this could turn into Fear and Loathing in Roskilde :D
B. wrote: Sucks but cool story non the less. Please take a picture of how you look going to your presentation.

Haha yes I'll have to get a picture if I choose to go tuesday morning, but I thing the safe thing (sadly) will be to go home monday and sober up :(
Mr Tuborg wrote: Two days heavy drinking and one day light drinking , in my experience turns into three days heavy drinking ,but as you said they have been warned, this could turn into Fear and Loathing in Roskilde :D

I'll have to agree, and I have no faith in my own restraint when I'm at that festival. It will have to be two days of heavy drinking and one day of getting sober / getting through the hangovers.

Looking forward to the festival a lot anyways :D
I actually expected to be in a similar situation with a project defence on Monday of the festival—in Aarhus. Not quite of thesis-level importance, but still one I absolutely couldn't miss. I debated back and forth between simply postponing my festival arrival until Monday night or actually going on Saturday and returning Sunday night. BUT eventually the exam planners had mercy on me and—for whatever reason—changed my defence date to two weeks before the festival. Which means a heck of a lot more stress during the current exam period, but an uninterrupted festival. Worth it.

I feel your pain!
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