From the Roskilde website:

At Settle’n Share we honor the principles of neighbourliness at Roskilde Festival.

The camps share activities and events in the area (P), and care for the area on which they settle. The area will be designed to strengthen the unique camp community.

How to get a spot
1) Share an activity, a service or an event that will contribute to the festival experience of other camps
2) Care for the area in which we settle, and leave it in the same state as when we arrived
3) Be open and ready for new encounters and participation in a temporary neighbourhood

Start by sending an e-mail to telling us about the camp, how many you are, and why you want to join us in Settle’n Share.

If you already have an idea for what to share that's great, but otherwise we will help you out.

Remember to add your phone number, so we can contact you.

We are based on dialogue, not competition – we are on your side, and we want you to be part of the community. We will accept applications sequentially, and the intention is that everyone who applies before May 10th will have an answer by May 15th and everyone who applies before May 25th will have an answer by June 1st.

Arriving and settling
We place the camps beforehand, so you will know exactly where you are going to stay and with whom. Therefore, there is no need for ‘running’, you and your camp have a spot, you just need to be there before Sunday June 26th at 3 pm when the area will be open for other people. If you want to run anyway, you need to make an entrance booking alongside everyone else. The closest entrance is ‘South’.

During the festival, the area is open for everyone – but you need to apply to get a camp here.

During the festival
There will be a few pre-arranged activities, the rest is up to You. There will be singing session at 10 am and joint bring-you-own-dinner communal eating at 7 pm.

In addition to that we have a group of volunteers ready to spice up the area, if things are gray.

Who is Settle’n Share
Settle’n Share is a community based on the principles and values of the Roskilde Festival Højskole and we are settling in East (P). As a part of this community, your camp contributes in defining the unique fellowship that arises between camps at Roskilde Festival.

Around 3.000 people will be part of the area, and we expect many large camps. The activities are based on what the camps contribute; anything from big parades or competitions to small trash collection innovations or jam sessions.

This was announce today through Facebook. Anyone interested in this and considering applying?