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Hello party people,
Since i lost my password of the previous account i post something new.
If you are searching for a cool camp to join ..stop here and continue your travels with us!!
We are a group of cool people that want more people to join. Our camp is in J area ...which is silent and clean but we party hella much at night.
We are lesbian,straight,gay,bisexual, male,female but mostly everything and we don't give that fuck. But we love new people and a cool atmosphere. Since every year is a big succes but not everyone could join again we search for new people.
So if you are up for joining our camp search us on facebook: camp we don't give a fuck.
And drink some vodka with us. We go with that flow
Since we have alot of men in our camp we search for girls aayyye c u on fb or overhere
Women/ girls ;)
Also the age everyone is in is around our 20's and so on. Feel more than welcome to join us! We dont really ask for money but it is cool if you can add something to the camp. Like beer or alcohol or gadgets etcetc. So it will be the best experience for everyone!!!
We're here -> on Facebook :D
Yeaaas!!! Join!
Ok so update: we need more more guys:) join the most chill cool as fuck camp!
Is it possible to join the camp without a certain entrance booking? Me and my friend have booked east entrance since this is our first time in Roskilde and we didn't really know what would be best...
Yes you can!! :) just find us on facebook and join:)
Any chance you have some more space for another lonely 19 year old girl going for the 5th year? 8-)
Hi Marie, yes we still have room. I messaged you on Facebook (check your FB Messenger).
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