Discuss the current and past Roskilde festival lineup and announcements.
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If anyone cares for that stage, not to sound bezzerwisser or anything about that but none of these names says anything for me.

Tue Track, Khalazer, Nixen are great
Baby Blood is Lucy Loves new project, dont know the music at this point but hey it is Lucy Love
Seen Nonsens about 7 times now. Never get tired of these guys!
I was afraid that Saveus would be a clusterfuck with half of the people attending that concert, so they have been wise to put Satans Trap Yngel up against them.

Btw how didn't i notice them when I first looked at the poster.

And if you didn't know, Saveus is that Martin guy from X-factor so all the girls will be at the Countdown stage and all the boys will be at the Street stage.

And that leds me to think about who will actually be at the Rising stage Tuesday evening. :-)
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