Discuss the current and past Roskilde festival lineup and announcements.
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Finally Roskilde has made what looks like a proper solution for the livestream.

Red Bull TV will broadcast concerts from Orange, Arena, Avalon and Apollo, according to Roskildes website it means better quality of recordings and better screens at the stages.

Just 2 things that puzzles me is....

Does Apollo and Avalon get screens too.

According to Red Bull TV´s schedule they will only show concerts from Wednesday to Friday, I have asked Red Bull if that is a mistake.
I dont see the cool part about it. Get to the festival if you want to see the show.
Not everyone can visit the festival :-)

And I think you missed the part with concerts being on demand, so you can relive a concert or see one you missed.
And Roskilde says there will be better quality on the production so the concert experience will also be better for those standing all the way back by the grandstand.
Martin Horn Pedersen wrote: I dont see the cool part about it. Get to the festival if you want to see the show.

I couldn't go to Roskilde in 2013, so I really enjoyed being able to watch The National's show on TV. Of course it's not the same as being at the festival, but if you for some reason aren't able to go to the festival, watching the shows on TV or computer is a great alternative.
Martin Horn Pedersen wrote: I dont see the cool part about it. Get to the festival if you want to see the show.

How on Earth can it be a bad thing that more people get to see the concerts?
It's not like they're taking away your ability to go and watch the concert at the festival.

I like watching reruns on e.g. DR every now and then, presumably this initiative means it'll be easier for me to watch a given concert again.
Bongo - you can demand some show for some time, dont sound that awesome

Maagen - I have never said that it take stuff form me. But it is just a meh thing, can see the cool or awesome with it. But every time Roskilde do stuff that time and energi could have been used to other stuff. So unless Red Bull pays a lot of money to do it, it dont makes my Roskilde bether. And I dont think the pay money to do it
Well I think its awesome that I can go home and see that concert I was to drunk to remember. :-)

And you ignorere my point about the recordings also will be better for those not in the front of the stages (aka those who can see the screens better than.the stage) its something Roskilde also points out by themself.

Anyway, you can check it out during Primavera and Bonnaroo.

If I remember correctly then Primavera starts this weekend and Bonnaroo is on a week or 2 after this.

At least you can check out of the Roskilde bands are in a good form :-)
It is great that you find It awesome :-) But if we all only post when we like stuff it gets borring ;-)
And no I am not gonner check it out, I dont find it intressting.

I have not had a problem with the stage and watching, but fine if it gets bether, but I dont think it is bad atm :-)
I also think the camera production and the screens are okay but a 32 inch flat screen is okay until you get a 50 inch :-)
LCD Soundsystem is on now on channel 1
there is a glitz in the system, its Autumn Comets.

LCD Soundsystem is on at 01:10 tonight.
Live-stream from Primavera started 20 minutes ago... http://www.stereogum.com/1880437/livest ... m_campaign
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