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Thinking of buying a self inflating thin mattress instead of the normal pump inflating rubber/plastic blue one which seems pretty standard . Anyone experienced on how comfort is compared between the two :)
Much better in my opinion. Since I have a bad back I was adviced by my doctor not to use air mattresses, and boy do I not regret that. Air mattresses tend to get flat, cold and clammy over the night and you're literally soaking in your own sweat in the morning. I'd advice to get the de luxe versions that have about 5cm thickness when fully self-inflated but other than that just go for it. You won't look back.
Sound, Will take your advice as I have had a few issues with my back ,lucky only muscle not spinal, from splitting stone. Might pick one up at RF save a bit of room on flight bag. Often woke up on a half inflated airbed and it aint easy getting out of :D
Mattress is definitely one of my favourite acts in the lineup!
Are Air skipping Tivoli to do Roskilde instead, awesome :-)
Aren't you thinking of Car Seat Headrest, mate?
I think you are right :D
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