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Hi guys

I've been following this forum for some years. Good pieces of advice and good music discoveries. Thanks.

This year I’m staying in the Get A Tent (central) for the first time. I've found some information in this forum, but I still have a few unanswered questions that I hope you can help me with:

1. There is 2 GAT wristbands with the ticket. But I have heard that it is possible to get guests into the GAT area. True or false? I find it hard to imagine how it would work in practice, but it would be cool to have a couple of friends coming by for a drink before a concert.
2. I know that pavilions are not allowed. But what in case of hard sun or rain? Is it ok to have parasols? Is it ok with a homemade "pavilion" of tarpaulin between or out from the tents if it rains a lot? We are three guys (one with girlfriend) with a small tent each, so not many possibilities for just a bit of camp life if we get heavy rain.
3. Mobile charging: Is it only possible to charge phones or you can also charge other devices? I'm not thinking about car batteries and stuff, but other small devices.
4. Getting your tent: It is still first-come, first-served, right?

See you all very soon ;)
1: I think you can bring guests with you but you'll have to arrive together. That was the deal last year at least.
2: Anything that blocks the pathways they'll tell you to remove. One year we had an extra tent because some friends didn't show. so we removed the tent and pitcehed a pavillion in the empty spot. That wasn't allowed either and they told us to take it down. My point being: don't count on it, they're quite strict. I think ypu might get away with parasolles if they aren't tied to anything.
3: In the cloakrooms they let you charge all sorts of stuff.
4: We'ce stayed in GAT for several years, and they vary it from year to year. Sometimes ypu can pick your tent yourself depending on what is free when you arrive, but other times they start filling up from one end and they'll assign a tent to you. Impossible to say what the deal is this year.

Hope you get settled ok and that you have a great festival :)
Thanks a lot, Stolen! Just what I was looking for.
I'm always planning camp etc. weeks in advance, but don't know what to do this year when there is not that much to plan :) Parasols and no rain must be the deal then.
2. We have tried to put up a tarp between the tents the two last years to block the sun. We have always been asked to remove it. Last year we then got a pavillion between the tents. They said that was ok. Several of our neigbours also did this.

4. In get a tent central I think they are always pitched up front. The last two years it has been first come, first served.
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