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As this i my and my friends first year for Roskilde. I was wandaring, when is it necessary to arrive on friday.
To camp i the que for camping? As i've heard and seen on videos on youtube. You both have to be early and run fast when it opens.

We've bought preacsess for West entrance, and have set ourself to camp at B, as this is a place i've heard from several other is a compination of Party area, and abit more quite place, as supposed to C (which i've heard is party heaven).
We have a 7hour drive from Oslo. So don't want to end up getting late.
Honestly, in my experience at least, it's not necessary to arrive on Friday. Unless you're dead set on being in the absolute front of the queue, arriving early Saturday is fine. Securing a nice spot depends on your ability to run in an organised manner and stay focused in the minutes after the gates open much more than on your location in the front 50 metres of the queue. Additionally, if you arrive Saturday morning, chances are the queue is not very dense, meaning you don't have to sit in the very back but can likely find a spot rather close to the gates.

For reference—although this relates to East rather than West—I arrived with a group of ten last year Saturday at noon, and we managed to set up camp for 18 guests in one of the most popular areas of L without too much trouble.

Edit: For added reference, here's a photo from 2012 when I last stayed in West:
We arrived around 1am the night between Friday and Saturday and got a nice spot in the queue within perhaps 30 metres of the gates. As I recall, the queue didn't really take off until 8 or 9am Saturday.
How big is your group?
We're 5 guys. 2 Arriving on Monday. So we are setting up their tents.
We are thinking of having a Tent Workshop this weekend, so we know how to set them up. And to use tarps, and mark our tent footprint with gaffer tape.
This to easiely show other how much room we need, and for us to make sure we use the idealy setup for our tents.
It's probably abit overkill. But i like to be prepared :) 4 tents alltogether and one party tent.
I agree with everything RFT wrote. No need to arrive on Friday already for such a small group.
I assume you come by car? Leave as much of you luggage in the car and go into the queue with only all the tents for the camp, pavilion (if you have one) camping chairs and some food / drink. This will make you more manoeuvrable to move in the queue and during the running for the camp spots. Set up your camp and then go back to the car to get the rest of your camping gear.
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