A section for random Roskilde festival related stuff that doesn't quite fit in the above categories.
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Is there anyone that already has access to the festival and/or camping areas?
How is everything looking right now? Is there still a lot of water / mud from the past rain or is everything green as grass :D
Rain? It really hasn't rained an awful lot here in the last month. A few heavy showers but that's about it.
Ah, good to know :D
Glastonbury is a complete mess right now and a Dutch festival this weekend also had to take a lot of action because of extremely wet festival and camping areas :shock:
Yeah it hasn't really been bad in Denmark except for once or twice where it's been pissing it down. I haven't seen anything to suggest the surface of the campgrounds would be ruined.
From a football point of view we could have done with way more rain since the start of april as every single pitch I've been to have been like running on concrete.
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