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Another year of Roskilde is over, and whilst still fresh in mind we can rate our concert experiences. Compared to Roskilde Standards I had a mediocre year, so maybe I've made some wrong choices of concerts.


Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes (4)
Vince Staples (4)
Pat Thomas (5) - Glad I stayed instead of going to RHCP
Red Hot Chili Peppers (2) - So much better than last time. Still sucked

Thursday - Amazing day and saving the festival. Had some friends follow me around, who did not know what to see, and they got convinced.

Blues Pills (4)
Uncle Acid and the deadbeats (4)
Destroyer (4) - Enjoyed it a lot, but it was the worst destroyer concert I've witnessed yet. They belong in the night.
Bomba Estero (5) - They should have had the night party instead of Tenacious D
Baba Commandant (6) - This was the highlight of the festival. It was hard seeing the great reviews of Blood Orange and PJ Harvet the next day, but damn this was an intense concert/party in a stuffed Gloria. Lovely to see Baba try to go back on stage, but Roskilde not letting them :D
Ho99o9 (5) - I came with low expectations in terms of sound and musicality, but it was surpricingly great, and their energy is insane. The moshing was actually a bit too much. I really wanted to follow what happened on stage.
Tenacious D (2) - Boring and not even fun


Anderson .Paak (4,5)
Badbadnotgood (3)
Calypso Rose (4)
Blau Blume (4,5) - A lot more rockish than the records. Pleasant surprice
Neil Young (4) - "Only" saw 2 hours. Interesting and intense, but also a little boring.
Tame Impala (5,5) - I did not have great expectations in advance, but they played the best concert of the day. Stunning visuals, confetti and amazing crowd. WHY was this not on orange? Way too many people.


Dizzy Mizz Lizzy (4,5) - Great
The Last Shadow Puppets (3,5) - You can't just give them orange because of Alex Turner. Really ruined the experience with this setting.
New Order (4,5) - Nice concert. Turn the vocals up a notch.
LCD Soundsystem (5) - What a party.

Summing up:

The world music once again showed its importance.
My fan favourites Destroyer and The Last Shadow Puppets were placed wrongly on stage/time, which was a real shame.
Tame Impala and New Order was amazing at Arena, but I think they could have pulled of a show at Orange as well.
Neil Young, RHCP and Tenacious D might have sold a lot of tickets, but did not deliver in concert (a bit unfair to group NY with the two others, but still)
Warm up:
Bersærk: 4/5

Bring me the horizon 5/5 (Best show of Roskilde)
Slayer 3/5 (watch like 45 minuttes)
At the driv-in 4/5
RHCP 3/5

House of pain 3.5/5
Black Breath 4/5
Ho9909 4/5
Kvelertak 3.5/5
Tenacious D 4/5

Billy Clyro 3.5/5
letlive. 4/5
Meshuggag 3.5/5

Dizzy Mizz lizzy 4/5
Gorija 3.5/5

Watch part of a lot of other shows, but wont rate them :-)

And dam dont get your hate on Tenacious D, it was very fun!
Another great year! Lots of partying so not that many concerts some of the days.

Khun Narins Electric Phin Band (4) a great start of the festival.
Slayer (3,5) good but to low volume
RHCP (3,5) not as bad as many thinks. The crowd around me seemed to enjoy it quite a bit
Föllakzoid (5) the concert i most looked forward to, and they delivered. Among top 5 of my all 24 Roskilde festivals. Amazing

Uncle Acid (4,5) relly great and i liked the fact they played Arena.
Ex Eye (5) biggest surprise. An excellent hard show at Gloria. Their second gig ever. Was blown away
PJ Harvey (4) Too crowded so sat outside. Sounded good
Savages (3,5) cool band but they need more great songs

Badbadnotgood (3) good that Roskilde books jazzbands. a little to fusionlike for me sometimes
Neil Young (5) three hours and not a boring second. by far the best show i've seen with him. great band also
Mutoid Man (2,5) played their greatest song first then i became quite lame

Danko Jones (4) they are always good live (and quite boring on record)
Sturgill Simpson (3) was to tired myself to enjoy it. saw him in Gothenburg yesterday. much better
New Order (3,5) another concert i just listened too. Sat outside tired. Sounded good
Had a great year party-wise. A small bummer that i did not get my luggage until saturday 02:30. Did not go to a whole lot of shows from the start to end.

Aurora 3/5 - good energy in the tent, but the songs not my favourites
At the drive-in - 4/5 Great setlist, and a kick ass show
Red Hot - 2/5 Found it a bit boring, but not a total fiasco

Uncle Acid - 4/5 A wall of sound that hit me straight in the heart. Great concert that boarders to 5.
Saw half Bomba Estero and mostly sat outside PJ Harvey. Both ok shows.
Kvelertak - 5/5 Had some soundtrouble in the beginning, but what a concert! Kick ass from start to end.

Neil Young - 4/5 Just got better and better.

New Order - 4/5 Great show and good energy. Really glad they played Arena.
only got to go on saturday. no must-sees for me on this day except that i was excited to see immortal technique was on the bill, but the day ended up pretty decent.

The Entrepreneurs - 2/6 started off decent, but just repeated themselves with plain, boring Music
Elf Kid - 4/6 - Had 45 minutes. His DJ played 15 of these before he came out on stage, but i enjoyed it even though i don't really care for UK techno rap - would see again
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra - 4/6 - 15-20 People orchestra jazzing it up. quite impressive. kind of like jaga jazzist, but double the amount of people, making it harder to improvise.
Rising - 3/6 - Didn't Catch too much of the concert. Had my hopes up, but didn't really get into it.
Danko Jones - 4,5/6 - A while since i've seen them live, but sounded just the same as 15 years ago. Nice show!
Dizzy Miss Lizzy - 3/6 - Heard more than i saw. sat in the Food Court. Just like the last time i "saw" them at Orange, they didn't really make me feel anything.
Gojira - ?/6 - Don't really remember the concert, so it can't have been very impressive
The last Shadow Puppets - 3/6 - might have been OK, but it was not for me.
Cattle Decapitation - 4/6 - OK show didn't see the Whole thing but what i saw was good
New Order - 4/6 - got there a little late, but caught Blue Monday and a couple of other goodies. The crowd really seemed to enjoy themselves.
Ana Tijoux - 6/6 - saved the festival. great show! Hands Down. Don't know if she's good on tape yet, but live she is brilliant!
Immortal Tehnique - 6/6 - great man! great Music! great show! an important voice and Counter weight in the hip hop scene as it has become today.
LCD sound system - 3/6 - not my cup of boring pop, but again- seemed like a lot of People enjoyed it.

Syrian Musicians & Damon Albarn. 3,5/5

I had a good time but some sound issues and clumsy transitions between the guests pulls down the score.

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band. 5/5

One of the best parties and a great way to start the festival.

Wiz Khalifa. 3/5

Pretty good concert but he played his hits at the start so we walked away after 40 minutes or so.


Elle King. 4/5

I expected more pop but it was a pleasant surprice to discover her music to be more bluesy (if that is a word)

House of Pain. 3,5/5

Hip Hop is not my genre but I had a blast anyway, but I agree that Arena would have been way better.

PJ Harvey. 5/5

What a concert, I think the intimacy of Arena (compared to Orange) suits her kind of music better.

Saw the last bit of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from behind the beer tent to the right of the stand, great party.


Great great great EDM´ish party, Lauren Mayberry was charming as ever. I liked her comment about shark week :D

Tenacious D. 5/5

Fun rock party, But also a serious performance with a well played band.


I can´t really remember what I saw after my "job" was done at 19:00, I think I saw some of Mura Masa and Tal National.

Tame Impala 4,5/5

One of the best concerts I saw this year.

M83 4,5/5

Epic music just fits Orange better, I don´t know how many people there was at the back but the pits seemed like 75% filled at the end of the concert.


Kaláshima. 3/5

Wonderful italian folk music but sadly the sound level was way to high so I couldn´t enjoy it that much.

Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra 3,5/5

It was nice with some jazz on a lazy afternoon.

Watched a bit off of Tiken Jah Fakoly

Watched the start of Balani show Business de Bamako and then Dizzy from the 3reload stand

Gojira 3,5/6

I´m not normally into metal music but I had a great time.

The Last Shadow Puppets. 4/5

Good concert but Arena would have been better.

New Order. 5/5

What to say,

Miike Snow. 3,5/5

LCD Soundsystem 5/5

I had high hopes for this concert when I saw LCD was the closing act and they didn´t disappoint
Firstly, it's important to note that I come only partly for the music. The reason I still go to Roskilde these days is split 40% because of the friends and camping, 40% because of the food, and only 20% due to the music. I also have to note that I did my first Roskilde ever without a drop of alcohol (not even through anti-septic gel... yes, it matters).

SLAYER - 3/5 - pretty good show but for one that was front row in 1998 on Orange it'll never be the same
RHCP - 2/5 - Way better than last time. Still not good.
CHVRCHES - 5/5 - Tied with Ana Tijoux as the highlight of the festival. Excellent dance party in the front row.
TENACIOUS D - 1/5 - Boring and not fun
NEIL YOUNG - 4/5 - The old man still got the magic touch to captivate you
DIZZY MIZZ LIZZY - 4/5 - Refreshing set with lots of the new stuff which is surprisingly good
GOJIRA - 3/5 - If I'd been in the pits the rating probably would have been higher alas I was not
CATTLE DECAPITATION - 4/5 - Extremely good new extreme metal band.
ANA TIJOUX - 5/5 - The tiny girl delivers! Another excellent dance party in the front row. Only sad to see so few had found their way there in the beginning of the concert but those of us there made sure the band was aware of us and gave it all.

Saw part of a few other concerts but wasn't focused enough to give an assessment of their quality.
Gramatik. 2/5 -a little disappointed he didnt bring any live musician friends.
RHCP 2,5/5 -not great, but we sure had a good time.
Föllakzoid 5/5 -wow! I really loved this. such atmosphere! I hope I get a chance to see them again.

Blues Pills 4/5 - a great way to start the day.
Uncle Acid 4/5 - sat outside in the sun and drank wine, listening to this great music.
Bomba Estereo ?/5 - what a party( or was it just me?). was really drunk at this time.
Ho99o9 4/5 - this was something new to me, but what a pleasant surprise. such energy!
Tenacious D 2,5/5 -entertainment
Ghost 4/5 - great ending to one of my best festivaldays ever!

Neil Young 5/5 - loved every minute, and we got really lucky with the rain.

Sturgill Simpson 3,5/5 - cured my hangover. great brass orchestra!
New Order 4,5/5 - great show, happy feelings. wished I had more energy.
23rd year in a row at the festival, not there for the music anymore, but did manage to see the following:

Okat 4/5 - Great upcoming concert at the Skate stage.
RHCP 1/5 - Incredibly bad
House Of Pain 4/5 - Great 90s hiphop show for 1 hour at Orange
Bisse 4/5 - Another great upcommer concert, this time at Gloria
Birdy Nam Nam 4/5 - For a great DJ collective party at Apollo
Tenascius Dee 1/5 - Horribly misplaced at late night Orange Stage
Mø 4/5 - Great party performance
Immortal Technique 5/5 - Probably best concert I saw this year, lots of goosebumps, liking the new Avalon stage too.
Minds of 99 4/5 - They did a good job, but still have to get used to the new closing-down procedure where the last concert of the festival is not exclusively at Arena.
Unfortunately I didn’t see anything during the warm-up. 0/5 for my effort as there was a lot of quality music during those days.

At the Drive-in: 4/5
Better than I expected. Solid and tight with no self indulged wankery.

RHCP: 3.5/5
Decent performance with a lot of energy and a relative decent vocal performance by Anthony Kiedis. But, they are getting really old now and can’t really keep up with their own material any more.

Santigold: 4/5
Solid and entertaining alt-pop performance.

Choir of Young Believers: 4/5
Beautiful performance.

Júníus Meyvant: 4.5/5
Fantastic down to earth performance.

House of Pain: 2.5/5
A little embarrassing at first but they didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Grimes: 4/5
Different (weirder) from what I expected but entertaining and a solid performance.

P.J. Harvey: 5/5
I had no intention of seeing this performance at first as I find a lot of her music difficult and not really that easily accessible. I was wrong. Incredible performance with an absolute fantastic band.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: 3.5/5
Went along to see them with some fiends or I would have skipped this. Turned out to be a fantastic performance with a lot of energy and they had the crowds going the whole concert. They genially seemed to be really impressed with Orange stage and the crowd (I think it was their first European festival performance and the largest crowd they performed for). Would have been a 5/5 if not that, as far as I could tell, all the ‘musicians’ where faking or at best just playing along to the backing tracks.

I was really looking forward to this performance but was a little disappointed. The sound wasn’t really great (harsh sounding) and there was no real performance. Apart from the vocal performances nothing else was going on on stage other than some button pushing.

Tenacious D: 4/5
Pretty entertaining. I was surprised some young kids around me where singing along word for word with a lot of the songs. Jack Black has a fantastic voice and an incredible range. The electric guitar player was great as well. Maybe the concert was a little too long. I may have worked better with some more entertainment like video fragments or some sketches.

Whitney: 4.5/5
Probably one of the best shows at Pavilion for me this year (together with Júníus Meyvant).

Jacob Bellens: 3/5
Energetic but slightly ruined by out of tune vocals.

Biffy Clyro: 3.5/4
Solid rock performance ruined by bad and way too loud sound.

Mac Demarco: 3/5
Seemed solid but didn’t grasp me.

Neil Young: 5/5
The old master still has it. Unfortunately I didn’t have the energy to fully appreciate the show but I recognized that it was a magical performance. Lots of day ticket guests were treated to a full performance.

Tame Impala: 6/5
Best show of the festival for me. We where at Arena 45 minutes in advance and the tent was already packed. We ended up outside of the tent but had a great experience anyway. Fantastic sound, fantastic energy. The only criticism I could have is that the vocal effect and the phasing effect on the music is getting a little old after two hours but that’s their signature sound obviously.
Not sure if it would have worked at Orange stage, probably would have.

Meshuggah: 3.5/5
Went along with a friend or I would not have seen it. Only a small crowd showed up. Solid performance but ultimately a little disappointing to me.

Danko Jones: 3.5/5
Solid Rock & Roll performance but seen it too many times over the years.

Dizzy Mizz Lizzy: 4.5/5
I’m not Danish but I somehow know most of their songs and Tim Christensen’s solo work. Great performance and great vocals by Christensen.

Hayden James: -1/5
I like his music but this performance was an utter embracement. He was clearly playing a pre-recorded set. Only saying something (“how you guys doing”) into the microphone every 10 minutes and playing the same carnival sound effect over and over again through every track. An utter embarrassment to electronic music and to the Roskilde bookers for associating themselves with this type of ‘performance’.

New Order: 3/5
Honestly I just went there because of the name. While I’m old enough to know them from the 80’s they don’t have that many hits. Pretty decent performance at a crowed Arena but sloppy vocals. We left before the ultimate climax with ‘Blue Monday’ and ‘Love will tear us apart’.

MØ: 5/5
Heart-warming performance. She was truly at home on Orange stage. Great to see a young Danish performance grow at Roskilde over the years to this ultimate climax.
Palace Winter 5/5 - The best warm up concert!
Yast 3/5
The Powpow 4/5
Have you ever seen the jane fonda aerobic vhs? 4/5

Great warm up bands this year, those are the ones I remember the best.


Slayer 3/5
At the Drive-in 4/5
RHCP 3/5
Föllakzoid 4/5

I liked also Sleep but had to leave to Föllakzoid.


Blues Pills 3/5
Kakkmaddafakka 3/5
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats 5/5
Savages 4/5
Ghost 5/5

Both Kvelertak and Chvrches were also very nice, but I watched only half of those concerts because wanted to see both of them.


Biffy Clyro 5/5
Foals 3/5
Tame Impala 5/5 - maybe the best concert this year.
M83 4/5


The Last Shadow Puppets 3.5/5
New Order 4/5
Miike Snow 4/5
LCD Soundsystem 4/5
bongo-anders wrote: Wednesday

Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band. 5/5

One of the best parties and a great way to start the festival.

This information comes in handy as I have to decide weather to see Pat Thomas or Morrissey in a couple of weeks. So, less of an old man whining and party-time it is.
Wallu wrote: This information comes in handy as I have to decide weather to see Pat Thomas or Morrissey in a couple of weeks. So, less of an old man whining and party-time it is.

You won't regret that one bit. I went there alone and had an amazing time.
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