Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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Indeed they did. According to my source, Radiohead likes the NS-profile, and so that is where they go.
If Roskilde only has Coldplay and other radio friendly headliners this year, I'll probably skip them again. So sad to see what Roskilde has become. It was once the highlight of my year =(

Ah well, I'll probably just end up going to Download instead, and have a blast there.
I´m not that into Radiohead and I usually prefer the smaller acts. Still, I think Roskilde has done amazingly well in getting big names since I started going again in 2009, but now I think that´s changing and it worries me quite a bit. I missed last year and I´ll make the trip from Finland surely couse I know there´s a lot more than the big names (and for the party of course), but how long will I keep doing that if all the big names go somewhere else.
Roskilde is so big, that there will always be something to see, for sure. But it has been evolving into something less diverse and more radio friendly for more than a decade. It might be too soon to say, they haven't announced a single act yet, but it seems like it crossed my line now. I still have my fingers crossed.

And Radiohead isn't one of my favorites either, but should have been a no brainer for Roskilde.
People need to chill out. Northside came out strong last year as well, and then it kinda fell apart as you got to compare the full programs in the end. Roskilde have not announced anything yet, and I doubt we will see any headliners thursday either - have a little faith.

Roskilde do not have the music that plays on the radio? Maybe in the old days, but certainly not now? I would love a channel that had the quality and variety that Roskilde normally offers.

Both Radiohead and SOAD would have been great bookings, but I also figure that Northside and Copenhell have done everything and more in their power to get them to top the poster.mMy greatest concern in this regards is that we also have Tinderbox and Skanderborg. With so many big festivals in Denmark it looks like fierce competition regarding the very interesting names, that you can not always book. They will never say it, but i'm sure Roskilde missed out on SOAD and Radiohead. They must have something else waiting for us.
I am pretty sure RF did everything in their power to make Radiohead happen. But as mentioned above, in this case, the band picks the festivals - not the other way around. I know this for a fact and NS has been picked out of a long line of interested festivals. They won the lottery. Oh well...

And I cant agree on the "less diverse" thing. I would say that RF - more than any other festival I know of - embraces diversity. And dirty heavy-dudes can be seen dancing to airy soul-pop. And vice-versa.

Sometimes I go back and check the roster from 3-4 years back and more often than not, stumble on stuff I only discovered recently and now enjoy. Thinking "where the hell was I???" and "This kind of foresight is worth your attention".
I have been very pleased with the line-ups since 2009, except last year. Still, last year, there weren´t many if any gems hidden in smaller letters while there´s usually plenty. So, I hope there´s not a trend. And it´s not just Roskilde, there haven´t been such explosion of great underground music in Finland either that took place 3-5 years ago. Or maybe I just have seen it all... :D

The headliners last year we´re actually quite good compared to other festivals. RHCP, PJ Harvey, Neil Young and LCD is a lot of bigger bands for me in one festival. I usually settle for 2-3 Orange stage acts. Not that good in Roskilde standards, but as everybody knows, the competition is a lot fierce these days.

And in Radiohead´s case, they are probably a Scorpio band, that will go where the corporation leads them. I hate that bullshit, every festival just ends up the same and it´s getting harder for Roskilde to book.

But let´s see what we´ll get. I am always worried at this point, so this is nothing new. And as I said I´m coming anyway, so if it´s more party less music, then so be it. (I usually don´t drink much in the music days, but run from stage to stage all day long.)
Another point about Radiohead to Northside is the fact that Radiohead has always been one of the top top wishes for the festival. So im pretty sure that NS has done a lot and even more to book Radiohead.

Personally I dont like Radiohead, but I thought is was an obvious booking for Roskilde. But on the other hand I think that there are other bands for Roskilde - meaning that they certainly would have booked Radiohead if they could/would have gone the extra mile, but Roskilde should go that extra mile for bands like Prophets of Rage or Daft Punk(fingers crossed). This also means I would be very disappointed if they announce Coldplay thursday.
I know a handful of people working with NS. This booking is not because of Scorpio (I hate that tendency too), but simply because Radiohead likes their green profile etc. As mentioned before, Radiohead picks their own venues (and seem to want to exclusively visit venues new to them), and in this case there is in fact nothing RF could have done about this. It wasn't even a race.
Ok, good to know. I have acouple of friends (MFC and Mojito Station on thi forum) who are devostated and ready to set the Scorpio-offices on fire.
Well... Cant say I'm a big Scorpio-fan either. The whole standardized scorpio fetival-format is just not my cup of tea. Feels like a shop and you are a customer (whereas you feel more like a guest at a party at RF). And so it is just annoying, seeing Scorpio run off with great names for its generic venues.
Yeah, that´s a really bad turn in festival booking-policy. Here in Finland we had the same 4 of Finlands´s top pop-stars in 8 of the 10 biggest festivals I think. So that has narrowed the choices to go to a festival here. The smaller festivals and Flow are still ok, but besides that it´s quite an awful situation.
1. Is the NS profile more green than RF?

2. And could Radiohead have chosen NS because they want to play some new places? Just like the festivals this year
Helbob wrote: 1. Is the NS profile more green than RF?

2. And could Radiohead have chosen NS because they want to play some new places? Just like the festivals this year

1. Yes I would say they are. Most clean big festival I have been. I where on a backstage tour about it also, they do very very much and promote it good. If there where no-camping at Roskilde, they would still win, but the camping and wild life of Roskilde, makes it hard for Roskilde to be Green
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