Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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So, we're gonna get the first twelve acts this Thursday, and maybe even more according to the festival.

First of all, how big do you think the acts are? Can we expect only to see smaller ones, or is the Daft Punk, Coldplay hype something to hope for?

Second of all, who do you, besides the two acts above, think would be a good guess for Thursday's announcement ?
I really can´t guess any names. Just hope that Coldplay won´t come.
With out hints it can be so many names. But a wild guess is Prophets Of Rage would fit Roskilde perfect and they are in Europa a few weekend before(dont have that many show atm so guess more is on the way)
I thought of Prophets of Rage on Orange and got really excited. That would be the bouncing-of-the-week-happening I´d go to the pits for. (even though it wouldn´t be suitable for a gentleman my age.. :))
PoR seems like an obvious RF-gig. If not Copenhell has gone and grabbed them also.

Something tells me Lady Gaga is on the poster this year. I don't care for her music, but still, as a pop-booking I would find that kinda cool. Better her than Coldplay or worse: U2.

Arcade Fire, Tool, A tribe Called Red, M.I.A, DJ Shadow or (shudder) Green Day I guess could be likely. It's due, I think.
Lady Gaga would be quite ok. Like her a lot better than Rihanna for example. M.I.A. could be there, but she has really been in bettre form than the new songs give out. Green Day is likely, if they´re not with that Scorpio-shit we were talking about earlier. If they come that´s fine.
Really hoping for Prophets of rage! That would be a great booking. Green Day would also be a nice booking in my opinion. Me first and the gimme gimmes could be fun, but don't think they fit the profile of bands that RF would book.
my guess for tomorrow - Flaming Lips, Prophets of Rage. Lady Gaga & Kings Of Leon might be announced later on.
I would guess maximum 2 headliners. Prophets Of Rage is probably my best guess for Tomorrow, and probably one of the only available headliners in Europe 2017 that could match Radiohead and SOAD. If they start out with anything less than an amazing headliner, Roskilde will fall behind Copenhell and NorthSide from the beginning in many people's eyes.
FestiwalEuropejskie wrote: my guess for tomorrow - Flaming Lips, Prophets of Rage. Lady Gaga & Kings Of Leon might be announced later on.

Sure about Flaming Lips? They are playing in Vega in january and played Heartland Festival this summer

I think Prophets of Rage and Lady Gaga is a good guess.

I also think that The Strokes is a better guess than Kings of Leon
According to the latest FB-post there will not be a Daft Punk or Coldplay. One big US name with more then 2 million likes.
More than 2 million likes probably also means less than 3 million. If anyone finds someone that fits the bill - post them here.

Most big American acts have around 30 million likes. I checked Metallica, Guns N Roses, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Kings Of Leon and Foo Fighters. They're too Big. Prophets Of Rage has 200.000.
Bon Iver has just above 2 million likes. Also a very likely headliner this year.
The danish act with more than 400k - Volbeat or Trentemøller?

There also a comment from RF saying "one is a special double billing" [hence the 14 like counts].

Bon Iver seems likely what with a new album and probably touring festivals on the back of it.
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