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Even though I agree that the classic camping is part of the bloodstream of the Orange feeling, one has to consider that classic camping comes with a lot of extra expenses for clean up, and bad publicity on top of that. And that the new camping forms comes with better logistic and more potential revenue. Things will not change overnight, but things seem to be going slowly in direction of new camping forms imo. It will be interesting to see how the new-old area in east will play out in 2017 now that the gravelpit is finally gone from that area.
What's up with the gravelpit ?
I missed '16, but I can see on the map that the area south of fence walk was still unusable. Will it be used as regular camping area this year ?
If it's the case, this will probably relieve some pressure on the other areas, and I might consider reselling my GAT ticket and going for regular camping, given that I will arrive on Saturday this year.
Yes, the gravel pit is gone and there´s regular camping on those grounds. Never been to GAT so I really can´t compare, but I would think that there´ s quite a difference. Being as old as I am (and cheap), my only choices of camping are J (Silent & Clean) or maybe south of P where there might still be some spots for regular camping. If you ŕe up for Silent & Clean, you should remember that it needs a special entrance booking ticket if you´re arriving on Saturday.
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