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BigL wrote: Well, my argument was that Den Sorte Skole is a big name in 2016, even though someone might not like that its an electronic band and not a rock dinosaur. When Wallu listed his "headliner" bands, no one cared to point out that not all the names he listed wasn't a headliner on the Roskilde poster either, so whats the point really?

Surely they're a pretty big name. I'm not at all dissatisfied they've been booked. I'll probably attend the show. I was actually just pointing out that they're not headlining because you seemingly thought so. So far I think the electronic names are exciting, especially opposed to some of the names RF could've booked (or have booked in the past) such as Chase and Status, Major Laser, etc.
I was unaware of the two acts named this week until I checked them out , really looking forward to seeing Den sorte skole live, probably would never have heard them in this neck of the woods if they were not booked for RF, as for The Weeknd , Just not my taste but overall the lineup is really shaping up this year personally. :D
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