Discuss the current and past Roskilde festival lineup and announcements.
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There is a sponsored ad on facebook from the Roskilde page, with a picture of the weeknd and RF's logo. Did they make a mistake by putting ads out before the announcement? No matter what, they've got The Weeknd.
They are also teasing for something (im guessing The Weeknd) on snapchat
Haha, too bad that their marketing department have published it too early on facebook then :D
I can confirm Roskilde Festival will announce something at 10.00
It's official:

http://www.roskilde-festival.dk/news/20 ... tival-2017

The Weeknd will play Roskilde Festival 2017
Get ready: the Canadian megastar will play Roskilde Festival 2017.

The Weeknd will play Roskilde Festival on Wednesday 28 June. On the iconic Orange Stage, of course. Expect a massive show in Denmark next summer!

His new album Starboy went straight to number 1 on the Billboard album chart and has broken Spotify’s record of most streams in one day, beating fellow Canadian Justin Bieber.

The new Weeknd album features collaborators Daft Punk, Lana Del Rey, Kendrick Lamar and Future. His album Beauty Behind the Madness sold millions of copies, making him the global household name he is today, not least through hit singles such as Can’t Feel My Face, The Hills and Earned It – get ready to sing along at Roskilde Festival.
Definitely not my type of music, but I guess we could do worse for a pop headliner.
It's going to be a great party. I'll attend.
Didn't want to pay the price for the show at the Royal Arena, but a show at Orange is going to be great. Definitely the best pop et al name they could've booked. Although, admittedly (to be a little critical) it's a little unimaginative since he's playing Copenhagen in the Spring. But I won't complain.
Not my cup of tea but I sure think The Weeknd will sell a lot of tickets! And for the pop-headliner I had my hopes for Lady Gaga..
Helbob wrote: Not my cup of tea but I sure think The Weeknd will sell a lot of tickets! And for the pop-headliner I had my hopes for Lady Gaga..

Your words exactly, but I was hoping for Bruno Mars.
Didn't really know him, but after one song, I can safely say, that he is not my taste. But I do remember that he was the most wanted artist, when someone counted all the wishes two years ago, so I guess that a lot of people will be very happy (the announcement also have 10K likes already).
Excellent booking. Probably the one of the greatest pop-names that we can have right now. Other pop-names like Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake would have been more than welcome as well, but The Weeknd must be the most relevant of those right now. Roskilde has gotten him at the exact perfect moment in his career so far, in contrast to Pharrell Williams, who played the Orange Stage a year too late
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