A section for random Roskilde festival related stuff that doesn't quite fit in the above categories.
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The main stage at Open'er is now called the Orange Main Stage due to sponsorship reasons.

But I thought that Orange Stage was kind of a trademark or is it only the design.

Anyways, its kind of wierd to see another orange stage around. :D
I dont think there will too much confusion over the name... :lol:


But a nice lineup for that stage for 2017:
I don't think either but I found it very funny.
As someone who is intermittently in touch with international IP law because of the industry I'm in, I'd wager that the name "Orange stage" is probably too generic to be trademarkable.

The shape of the stage and the way it has been adapted into a logo though has all the elements of a powerful trade dress, so THAT can't be fucked with at least ;-)
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