Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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Wallu wrote: Well we have hads Springsteen, Prince and The Rolling Stones recently so that gives a little hint that U2 isn´t imposible.

Yeah, but that's viewed entirely from a RF-only standpoint based on a notion of "look, we also had THESE legends, so why not U2?". If you look the other way and see it from the band's POV, they're really not very well known for playing festivals.

In fact, the Glastonbury gig in 2011 is still their only festival gig since 1985, whereas the three examples you mention all have played festivals more regularly than a single concert in 30 (!) years. Admittedly, Rolling Stones' festival appearances in the same timeframe can be counted on your fingers, but they're still way more used to the festival circuit than U2.
But if the rumours are true and they´re playing Bonnaroo then maybe they will do festivals next summer.
Wallu wrote: But if the rumours are true and they´re playing Bonnaroo then maybe they will do festivals next summer.

My point in an earlier comment was exactly that that's a very big "if".
So far a Europe tour - but no festivals: ... in-helhed/

July 8

London, UK


July 12

Berlin, DE

Olympic Stadium

July 15

Rome, IT

Olympic Stadium

July 18

Barcelona, ES

Olympic Stadium

July 22

Dublin, IE

Croke Park

July 25

Paris, FR

Stade de France

July 29

Amsterdam, NE

Amsterdam Arena

August 1

Brussels, BE

Stade Roi Baudouin
But ending their US tour on July 1st.
Yeah, I guess this kinda rams the stake through the heart of the U2 rumour. They could theoretically still be playing Bonnaroo though, for example on Friday the 9th June.
The European leg of the tour is official now. It begins on July 8 and ends on August 1, as it looks now.
But the US leg of the tour goes to July 1st for the final gig, ruling out any speculation of a Roskilde in 2017.
I had tour of Orange Stage 2 years ago and the guy back stage said 2 bands that will never play Roskilde are U2 and AC/DC. So I would not expect U2
Well U2 won,t be gracing the RF stage this year , but anyone looking to the possible future of Irish music should check out Bitch Falcon. :o ?
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