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Lorde and A Tribe Called Quest to play Roskilde Festival
29 acts have been added to the #RF17 line-up, also including Rag'n'Bone Man, Gucci Mane, Against Me!, Av Av Av and Bryson Tiller.

These 29 acts have been announced for Roskilde Festival today:
A Tribe Called Quest (US)
Bryson Tiller (US)
Gucci Mane (US)
Lorde (NZ)
47Soul (PS)
Against Me! (US)
Atomikylä (FI)
Auðn (IS)
AyOwA (DK)
Dub De Gaita - Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto (CO)
Fugleflugten (DK)
High On Fire (US)
Modest (DK)
Noah Carter (DK)
Odd Couple (DE)
Oranssi Pazuzu (FI)
Pert Near Sandstone (US)
PH/Mr Peter Hayden Band (FI)
Priests (US)
Rag'n'Bone Man (UK)
Rüfüs (AU)
ShitKid (SE)
Show Me the Body (US)
Silvester (DK)
Snow Boyz (NO)
Ştiu Nu Ştiu (SE)
The Kutimangoes (DK)
Tvivler (DK)

Hip-hop legends on Orange Stage
A Tribe Called Quest defined organic and jazzy hip-hop of the 1990s. Following an absence of 18 long years, they finally returned last year with their ultimate album ‘We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service’, a highly acclaimed revelation of a comeback album.

The hip-hop pioneers are as relevant as ever before, balancing the laidback and the more energetic and mixing highly political issues with life-affirming delivery. Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White will honour the late Phife Dawg – who died in 2016 while working on the album – when they play the iconic Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival. The show will be the only one in Scandinavia and one of very few on their farewell tour.

New Zealand’s pop sensation
Following her massive breakthrough with debut single ‘Royals’ that went straight to number 1 on the UK and US charts, New Zealand presented a new pop star to the world: Lorde. With the debut album ‘Pure Heroine’ and the curation of the hit soundtrack for the third Hunger Games film, the 20-year-old is now readying her sophomore album.

Lorde has been compared to a young Kate Bush and praised by David Bowie for her minimalist and poetic take on modern pop music. Having played only very few shows in Europe, she is ready to conquer new territory with both well-known hits and new material.

Ready for the big breakthrough
23-year-old Bryson Tiller started as a SoundCloud phenomenon. The American rapper – praised by artists such as Drake and The Weeknd – has since released his r&b-inspired debut album ‘T R A P S O U L’ that made the top 10 on the American Billboard album chart.

Original king of Atlanta hip-hop Gucci Mane is extremely productive, to say the least. Having influenced Future, Young Thug and many more through his numerous albums and more than 70 mixtapes, he has finally found a broader audience with his latest album ‘Everybody’s Looking’. Joining forces with Rae Sremmurd, he recently secured a global smash hit with the single ‘Black Beatles’ which has been streamed more than 360 million times on YouTube.

On the other side of the pond – and in a very different way – 31-year-old songwriter Rory Graham has created plenty of buzz in his native England under his Rag’n’Bone Man moniker. Behind tattoos and tough appearance is a soulful vocalist who is never shy of venturing into new territory, be it blues, gospel or hip-hop. He has climbed the charts with the single ‘Human’ and will release his debut album in February.
Updated poster:

Good 2 big names, good high on fire, and very meh, for the rest.
A Tribe Called Quest as the only show in Scandinavien, is a fucking awesome booking!
High on fire is great to - at lots of name I dont know, but must check out
Why are Foo Fighters on top?
Martin Horn Pedersen wrote: A Tribe Called Quest as the only show in Scandinavien, is a fucking awesome booking!
High on fire is great to - at lots of name I dont know, but must check out

First of all, its going to be a great late-night Metal slot with Atomikylä, Oranssi Pazuzu and PH/Mr. Peter Hayden Band.

I must check out Show me the Body, Priests, Pert Near Sandstone.

High on Fire :D
ATCQ, Against Me, Oranssi Pazuzu, Lorde, High on Fire... Some damn fine names! And a lot else to check out
A tribe called quest was a nice booking! Will probably see Against Me! as well. The rest I will have to check out. Did not jump in the roof for this one, but a few interesting names that I will check out in the coming weeks.
I have prayed for this to happen for a long time:

A Tribe Called Quest!!!!!

Only show in Scandinavia and one of the few in Europe, for their farewell tour, fucking most epic hiphohp booking for Orange Stage since Outkast in 2014!
Helbob wrote: Why are Foo Fighters on top?

Maybe they regard them as this year's "big-big" name in the vein of Metallica and the like. Which maybe isn't far off popularity-wise, but they're certainly the youngest band to take that mantle.
A good round of adds with some needed focus on the warm up days.
Quite a disappointment this announcement. A Tribe Called Quest is great news and Pert Hear Sandstone go right to the top of lists, but otherwise.... Even the great cumbia band from Colombia is ruined by electronic beats on the background. I really don´t get why every fuckin´ band has to have a dj regardless of music style. I have to give Priests and Show Me the Body another listen, but this wasn´t such a happy day as the previous announcement days have been. Good stuff for the warmup though.
I expected something better. But well, it's okay.
Never really listened to Tribe, but people seem happy. I have a thing for Lorde, shes alright.

Other than that:
Odd Couple, if you like Ty Segall and some raw, garage rock-ish.
Priests seems quite cool. Savages/PJ Harvey-reference made me look.
Atomikylá, listened to one track, quite psychedelic not so black metal-like. Dark stuff.
Modest from Aarhus. Like Communions and such Copenhagen-bands? Try Modest. They're quite good.

All in all. That's okay!
Okay really, check out Modest. http://soundvenue.com/musik/2016/03/hol ... ons-190924
Lovesong does something to me.
A couple of more nice additions. Still really hoping for Phil Collins, Dillinger Escape Plan and Grandaddy, but High On Fire, Tribe Called Quest and Lorde are good stuff as well. Might even check out Against Me!
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