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My interpretation:

I prefer to use world music as an umbrella for all regional genres (including reggae and bluegrass). But it is most convenient to use when describing bands to someone unfamiliar with their respective genre.

As you said, a lot of the world music at Roskilde is fusion music, mixed with hip hop, electro, etc. But I still consider it world.

To me, it is not important whether or not the band originates from the region (although they do lose the authenticity if not).
I hope 1 spanish new band can make it to this year lineup. They are called exquirla (you can listen in spotify to their album) and it's comprised of Toundra (post rock band) and Niño de Elche (flamenco singer). It's fucking amazing mix.
Listening to it now, I really like it, Somehow got me thinking of Psarantonis who I would love to hear live anywhere especially @RF.
I really enjoy it as well. Thanks for the heads up!
Alsarah & the Nubatones are amazing. Probably the best world music act on the programme.
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