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..... And its a big one on the Arena stage.
I initially thought he was announced for Rising. I still can't quite understand why he'll play Arena.
I am also a bit confused here. Was Ulige Numre even big enough to play Arena? I saw them once at Skive Festival at their smallest stage, when they had "København" as a hit single. Quite a step from that to play Arena I think. Is Ulige Numre/Carl Emil Petersen really that much bigger in the Eastern part of Denmark ? :-)
Avalon would probably have suited him better but I´m no expert at all. :D
I just thought about the danish band The Mountain that I have at that point only heard about on some Spotify commercials played Arena last year, (or was it the year before)

So if they can play Arena so then can Carl with his popular back catalogue.
Ulige numre had a handfull of solid hits. If he realese one or two in his own name before Roskilde and add a cover we all love, he is bound for succes at Arena.
Sure he'll play Ulige Numre-songs. Just add "København" and he'll get Arena boiling.

Boring music, imo.
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