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Looks like me and my group of friends won't be able to makte it to Roskilde until the 26th. Is it impossible to get
camp sites that's not right next to any fences or other piss-spots?
Hard to say since the camping site is a bit bigger this year due to the gravel pit being filled completely. You can always play it safe and pay a little extra for a spot in Get-a-Place.
Depending on how many people you are, you can always team up with another establish camp. They can try to hold spots in their area. Also P usually doesn't complete fill up until Monday. If you have questions message me.
Yeah, it depends on the number of people you want to camp with. Reserving space by other campers only work if they already set up your tents for your. Also note that camping area P is changing this year. This is where traditionally the most space is left but that will probably change this year.
If you don't want to deal with the hassle and stress of finding a (large) camp spot you might want to look at options like get-a-place or get-a-camp.
Get-a-camp, Get-a-place, Get-a-tent are all sold out...

From what I remember from previous years, arriving on Monday may be still OK to find some place to camp, but of course you won't have much choice in the location, especially if your group of friends is a large one...
Hi, I normally arrive in the Monday of RF due to other commitments , as a solo camper I never had any trouble getting a spot, but if you want to put up more than a tent or two ,your choice becomes more limited , But then again it is changed this year as said with the gravel pit so who Knows.
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