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If there has to be rain, I would love it to fall on Tuesday night since I´m planning my first hangover to take shape then and with fresh air and coolnes that rain provides it would be a lot easier... :D

Goes without saying that no plans including alcohol ever goes as intented...
Besides the heavy shower between Tuesday and Wednesday it doesn't look that bad.
And as pointed out, the lower temperatures and more clouds means that its possible to get a few hours more sleep.
It is always amusing to check the Danish TV2 weather... 51 mm on 29/6 . I know... its bull.
lets see if we can beat 2007, this year

2007 was the wettest year in the history of the festival with almost 100 mm (3.9 in) of rain falling, which meant that large lakes formed in the camping and festival areas. This is also more than double the amount of rain that fell during the festival in 1997, the year which was previously the worst in terms of rain. Furthermore, half the entire amount of rain came on Thursday the 5th of July, a day which saw rain without stop from early morning till approximately midnight.
Well, it looks fucking horrible now...
Looks like there's a good chance this year will beat 2007's record. I feel for you guys =(
bolstfu wrote: Well, it looks fucking horrible now...

Actually (not to jinx it or anything) both Yr.no and TV2 just adjusted their precipitation expectations way down.

TV2 expects around 27 mm Friday and 8 mm Saturday. Yr.no are shooting at under 10 mm for each of those days.

That's really not much when they were counting on 50-60 mm across Thursday-Saturday a little while ago, respectively.
Tomorrow at 8, DMI will have a more clear prediction though. Unsteady western like this is extremely unpredictable when it comes to the amount. One thing's for certain though - there will be rain and mud.
It is very unpredictable, but it will Get muddy for sure. Forecast changes every day (i've Been following it closely!) and that friday does not look good.

Arriving today though, and look forward do it! 8-)
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