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HandsDown wrote: Roskilde has been ever changing along with modern musical tendencies, no doubt. Thats a given, and thats a beauty. I am not sure the growing old-issue is the one rubbing me badly this time around. Actually especially the last say, ten years, I've realised that the classic indie-rock shows I used to go for, just arent that intersting live, unless it is a band you really know and love beforehand OR the band has an approach to their music that is distictively edgy, challenging, curious, teasing or even provoking. Last year had C'mon Tigre, Föllakzoid, Blood Sport, Los Piranas and Ex Eye to name a few highlights. Fat White Family, Fossils, MAKU Soundsystem, Kippi Kaninus + more in '15. Over the years: The Chap. Suuns. Goat. Parqet Courts... Don't get me started on Meridian Brothers and all the interesting music THAT particular band has opened my ears to. All discovered during announcements, all highly anticipated, then extremely fulfilling livebands and all leading to other discoveries later. All thanks to Roskilde!

And all the while my heavy rocking and my booty-shaking friends have had their thrills and fills, and willingly followed me (and vice versa) and opened up to these things too. They too seem snubbed this year, as far as I can tell. I hope they see it differently...

Right now I would be happy to find just one danceable (as in: ass shaking) AND hard hitting LIVE (as in: no drum-machine) act. Mambanegra could be it. Residente is not really convincing on live youtube-clips. Ifriqyya electrique maybe, but its hard to tell. Romperayo perhaps, but Im not enirely sold. I will be visiting them all, but that heavy anticipation is just missing. That UMPH, I was talking about. I just cant help but feel, that all those "the next MØ"s and dime-a-dozen electropop-acts are taking up space for those truly interesting things out there. And they are there!

But I find it comforting, that you guys disagree. I may be missing something. I hope so!

Based on your preferences above, you might want to check out the following:
Group Doueh & Cheveu: A meeting between a french post-punk band and Malinese bedouin rockers. They have a bit of the same narcotic "drive" as Suuns and an exotic tinge to them
Jagwar Ma: A poppier, sunnier version of Suuns?
Viagra Boys or Idles: If you liked Blood Sport or Parquet Courts?
Svin: Abrasive experimental jazz rock.
Værket: Ambitious danish prog rock in the vein of Jethro Tull, Muse and King Crimson.
'68: An American parallel to Fossils.
Vanishing Twin: Might be the closest we get to a "Goat" this year.
75 Dollar Bill
Alsarah & the Nubatones
HandsDown wrote: This may not be of use or help to anyone, but out of pure frustration, Im just putting it out there: I am deeply disappointed in this years lineup. It is like the booking team has gone out of its way to ruin a beautiful legacy of presenting progressive motions in many various genres and crossovers - and replaced it with an amazingly fat host of nice and pretty preforming singer-song writers (are those really that hip nowadays - or just cheap? - I count 13 at least) and a nice and clean and non threatening collection of synth-electro-RnB-pop-grime-hiphop sauces - stuff you better like, if you plan on dancing this year... Legit genres in their own right, sure, but there is an over-representation here that one cant ignore and that just worries me, being a Roskilde addict for 25 years now. I am struggling to find comfort in "the small print" as I usually so fondly do. At least with a couple of "WOW-this-I-HAVE-to-see"-feelings and perhaps a new favorite band or two to boot. Nothing this year. And so little that says: This is where I will drag my friends and have the party of the year, melting brain, balls or ass or better yet: a combo. Roskilde seem to have sold out nursing the 20yr olds and bought every pop-musician they could get their hands on to pull the kids out of their stupid camps. The result is a staggeringly one-sided, safe played and thus flat out boring lineup. Where is my fucking UMPH???

Sure I bought my ticket and sure, I've things to see every day. Bands I for most part saw before and even recently. Ill have fun, because my friends are. But I dread the thought of us silently agreeing to abandon one show after another out of boredom. Of leaving sunday morning with this flat feeling. Like fucking for four days without ever reaching climax. I really need to dig something out of that list, to remove that fear. Maybe It'll show itself when I'm there. I think I've been thourough combing through these bands...

Well... Rant out. It's been a long day...

I hear you on the rap/R'n'B stuff. Or trap maybe. I just cannot see why all those samey sounding guys like Migos and so on are hyped the way they are. And it's not for lack of trying. Every time Pitchfork or someone declares a new trap album the best thing since sliced bread I give it a go but to no avail.
BCUC too might turn out to be a party. The world music programme is a bit too experimental for my liking as I´ve said before. It´s one genre where you don´t have to be so progressive as I go to these concerts mainly to dance (I don´t really dance, I twitch). That being said I think I want to see most of them anyway. Never know what turns out to be a hoot.

Seen Moon Duo and liked it a lot.

Hopefully I get to see Ksiezyc too. Might be too artistic, but you´ll never know.

Hidros Zap can deliver a great show. Zappas material is so rich and when it´s done with skillfull musicians it´s always great.

Svin, as Coldblooded said, is a gem too.
It is quite touching, when you people step in to save a distressed and disheartened fellow RF-attendee. Thanks everyone! Usually I am the most enthustiastic of my RF crew, doing my "homework" and getting the others hyped with my findings, so it is nice to have a forum of people who can do the same for me, and urge me to do a third check on certain acts. And they will have a fourth and fifth before this festival starts too :)

La Mambanegra positively seems to be the party of the year. Here is hoping it will nok clash with Seun Kuti, as he will likely bring the other party of the year.

Btw, even though Romperayo might not seem like a superduper turn-on atm, go see them for their drummer. That guy is amazing! Crazy tight and all over the place (at least he is with Los Pirañas).
La Mambanegra solely is enough reason for me to travel to Denmark this summer. Going to be a huge party. And we do have other bands too...

Getting a bit excited, 5 hours until the schedule release.
And waiting, countdown :-)
1 minute :D
Everything ok, except for the Neurosis - A tribe Called Quest clash. One hell of a motherfucker clash.... :bang:
I can´t get it open on my computer. A friend told me it works on his phone, but not on computer...

Have to wait...
Is La Mambanegra supposed to play on Friday? It says they´ll play on Wednesday a week before the festival... :) Only band on the festival grounds that day... But if they´ll play Avalon, Friday have an open spot for them..
Nas is cool. Looking forward to checking out the schedule properly later when I can download a copy, print it and mark it old school style!
Nas, thats a big one, headliner or not.

I think the setup on the computer is confusing so I haven´t found any conflicts yet but I´m Happy that Future Islands is on so early that they probably won´t clash with anybode I want to see
Pdf version is not yet available? The web site is horrible to use.
Wallu wrote: Is La Mambanegra supposed to play on Friday? It says they´ll play on Wednesday a week before the festival... :) Only band on the festival grounds that day... But if they´ll play Avalon, Friday have an open spot for them..

I wondered over that myself but it fits with the day by day poster (that they play Friday)
Trap Them, Cult Of Luna and Nas is cool! However far too many clashes for me this year. My head is kinda exploding right now.
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