Rumours of bands playing at Roskilde festival are always circulating, sometimes they are true, sometimes not. All discussions of non-confirmed artists also take place in this category.
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I'm quite happy about the poster announcement yesterday, but i had really gotten my hopes up about Fleet Foxes being one of the names on the poster since they're releasing a new album this summer. Unfortunately as it turned out, they were not on the poster yet.

However i haven't quite given up hope yet. The booker Anders Wahrén said in an interview with Gaffa that there were still a few names to be announced - including what he called medium sized acts, which i think fits the category Fleet Foxes would be in. Furthermore Fleet Foxes has an oddly big hole in their tour plan between 24th of June where they play in the Nederlands and 1st of July where they play in Spain. This means that they're in Europe around the time of Roskilde and would be able to play 27-29th of June. Another thing is the fact that they've announced shows in Fall in both Sweden and Norway, but none in Denmark. That might suggest that they're playing in Denmark before then or that they're waiting to announce for some reason - and that reason could be Roskilde.

Do you guys think i could be on to something or is it just wishful thinking?
I was thinking exactly this yesterday. So weird they're not announced. I also think they'll be announced sooner or later. Fleet Foxes + a metal sub-headliner at the least, I'm quite confident.
You're right, it may look strange that they are not booked.

If they already were booked, they would have been announced, I don't think it's a band Roskilde needs to have as a "late bonus" announcement.
I was really hoping for Fleet Foxes as well and I hope they are announced later. However, Roskilde has circumvented a lot of the good indie the last couple of years, so it may be that the genre is just not that hot (like in 2010) anymore - unfortunately.
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