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Who is moving camp and why? As a late comer arriving on Monday I have over the years stayed in P until sleep was needed and I defected to J. With the new camp layout Is anyone planning a major move . Hopefully next year I can arrive on Saturday . :bang:
We gradually ended up in Silent & Clean / "J".
The first year we ended up by chance in East, just over the bridge in front of festival entrance 9, the area where now the Apollo stage is. We stuck around in that area for a few years until we got unlucky with the queuing two years in a row and ended up more and more south. Eventually we decided to avoid the running and just aim for S&C right away (a few years ago there wasn't a run yet on S&C camping spots). Since we have merged with a camp that stays in S&C anyway so we probably stay there unless something like get-a-place or get-a-camp gets more appealing.
Been in J since 2012 and maybe I´m not going to camp anywhere else. Much for the same reaqson as B. (as it happens that we´re in the same camp). Couple of years ago I thought of moving to P, since Silent & Clean can be a bit too silent when you want to party, but since I´m getting too old to drink the whole time and I´m nowadays taking it much easier when the music starts, J is the best solution for me.
We used to stay in E and did so for five consecutive years. We've been in B for three years now, but maybe it's time to move on to J/S&C this year. We're getting older and there are less who actually have time to queue for the Klondyke rush on Saturday.
You probably need to queue for J as well these days if you have more than 2 tents in your camp. It fills up really fast.
Before E was Clean Ot Loud we camped there. After that we had one year in AP, and then two years in Clean Out Loud.

We didn't get a spot in COL this year, so now we're all in for camping in the new area in the gravel pit just beside Apollo.

Our plan is to queue for like.. several hours, but how many? And which entrance should we use in order to get fast to the area? Seems like East/west is pretty much same distance to the area.

Fucking loved the reservated spot in COL, but now lets go back to queuing and running like maniacs! Also a lot of fun.
We are have camped in P since 2010 after one year in West. We applied for Clean and Loud this year.
We were in P for a couple of years, two years by mistake as we were chanceless in West, and eventually we just accepted it.
Last year we were in clean out loud, but no one could get around to making a video this year.
As we're international anyways and people come from all over, we're heading to N this year as we're all doing a road trip from somewhere.
Basically we can't be bothered running anymore :P
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