Discuss previous Roskilde festival experiences.
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For me it's a bit like for BigL - my friends had been to the festival in the years from 92 to 96 and in 1997 I finally went along. It was an awfully rainy RF that year, my tent collapsed on friday night and everything was wet - but I had the time of my life and just had to come back.

Talking about rain: 2007 was a bit wet, too, so what will 2017 bring? Guess that's to go into another topic?
stevomatic wrote: Talking about rain: 2007 was a bit wet, too, so what will 2017 bring? Guess that's to go into another topic?

Already is being discussion in the weather thread =)
It's amazing to read how many of us attended for the first time just to give it a try, had the time of their life, and then just returned year after year !
I really wanted to see Pearl Jam in 1992 after the release of the "Ten" album in '91 and Roskilde was quite close to where I lived in Sweden at the time. It just happened to be such a great festival and I have returned every year since then, celebrating my 25th Roskilde festival last year.
Of course I'll be there this year as well! Just have to find a new camp (for the third time) since my friends decided to stop going to festival (families etc.).
Talked about going in 2000 but went for an other festival instead. Really glad all concidering how 2000 played out with the weather and accident and so on. So in 2001 i was thinking of going but again i decided for an other festival. Then a buddy called me up 9 in the morning one day. They had a free seat in the car and an hour later i was on my way. Never looked back :). Gone to quite a few other festivals as well but roskilde has the best spirit, together with hultsfred festival when it was still alive and kicking.
Nowadays I usually only manage to get in a day or two of roskilde a year, but i still love it. It's like time stands still, in a good way. Its not like it's real until i see some part of orange stage, but at that moment I am "home".Usually take some minutes after i've arrived at the festival just absorbing everything thay is roskilde, paying my respects to the 9 and so on.
Wallu wrote: Yeah, the festival site needs more acoustic guitars.... (and dutch raver busses)

In 1991 we got the most crazy acoustic guitar experience on Orange.
Orange went from heavy to classical guitar.

Iron Maiden followed up shortly after (as I remember half an hour) by Kaare Norge. It was very fun to see, because most of the Iron Maiden crowd stayed listening.

And no...never Dutch raver busses again :-)
2009 was my first year and then I won two tickets. I have not been able to go every year since. But this year will be my fifth year :)
I was 16.
Alot of my friends, had been there a couple of years before me, always talking about how awesome it was.

When Roskilde Festial announced that THE CURE was playing, I made my mind up.
I've been fed up with The Cures music, since i was still just a fetus :lol: I had to go....

I found myself a job as a volunteer. Being under 18, there wasn't much to choose from, so I got the "job" as a Pantsamler(?? :D ).

That volunteer job was the worst thing I EVER experienced at the Roskilde, but everything else was magical. :wub:
It was 2008 and since I saw alot of Belgian and Dutch and German festivals . I wanted to do something different. So i deceided to hitchhike with other Dutch Guys...it was a cool year and i wanted to coma back again. The first years i was with the Dutch..but it became a bit boring so i tried ti walk around a bit...I saw B(enno) and all the others and I met my Friend Johan i beleive all in 2010... We go ever since creating our new camp with strangers that became good friends. I cant think of it without it!!!:)))
I had heard about the great mood and the party at the festival. Aerosmith, Rollins band, Rage against the machine, Bob Hund, Clawfinger and Peter Gabriel were goingt to play! So me and a friend took a tent, two sleepingbags and some cash and went from Sweden to Roskilde not really knowing much.
Had a fantastic time and sort of found myself, found the part of me that loves live music and just meeting new people being in the moment of here and now.
This was in 1994, I had just turned 18 and the Orange feeling has become someting i need for one week every year every since that first time. I have only missed a few, one being 2001 because I was at the Pearl Jam concert in 2000.
22 Orange weeks and counting... see you next year.
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