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What made you decide to go to Roskilde Festival for the first time?

My group of friends had been going to some local (Dutch / Belgian) summer festivals for some years already. We also went on holiday to France to surf one summer. At one of the campings we stayed at we met some Danish girls. Although they had never been to Roskilde themselves they had some cool stories about Denmark and Danish culture that made us decide to go to Roskilde festival the next year (and to meet up with them again before the festival).
Before that holiday in France I already knew about Roskilde just as all the other major European festivals, but it never crossed my mind to actually go there.

We went for the first time in 2003. The meet-up with the girls didn't happen due to some travelling delays and we arrived at the festival on a Tuesday. I think at that year they had just started with extending the warm-up days so we missed a few of those.
We never saw or even spoke to these girls again but we have been going to Roskilde ever since :P
My first time was in 2006 was actually a coincidence.

I knew Roskilde from the MTV live broadcasts (yes, M stands for music) and probably danish news outlets as well, but actually going had not crossed my mind so at 21 years me and my brother was a very late Roskilde virgin.

I don't know if it was the first year with get a tent option, but my brother asked if we should go because they had this option with a pitched tent and I thought why not.

Not even asked by it my boss had planned my 2 weeks summer vacation during and after Roskilde, so it was a sign from the gods that I had to go.

Little did we know that camping South was a pain in the ass to get to and from the festival site, it was like 5-10 minutes with a shuttle bus depending on traffic.

But the rest is history as one say.

Btw the reason for not going in 2011 was because of a family trip to the Balaton lakes, but we made up for it by going to the last day of the Balaton Sound festival.
I had some friends who had gone before and as a big fan of live music and festivals I just had to go when my friends started planning a trip. We had several Roskilde-virgins in the group as well as 4 seasoned veterans, who were a bit frustrated having to guide us through everything. Somehow we got our tents next to theirs even after we came on Wednesday and they had been there from the start.

I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the festival and it turned out I didn´t even seee half of it that year. It was in 2000 so there were football games on. There were more people just watching the game on the screen than I had seen on whole finnish festivals.

It was the year of the accident and even though it was the saddest way to start my Roskilde career, there was a real sense of togetherness among all the festival-goers after the accident and on the last night we were going to our tents and there was this huge fire just near our camp. As we got closer we saw that it was not our tents on fire, but a group of people burning sofas etc. There was a huge party with naked people dancing around the fire, then the fire dept. came, saw that the fire couldn´t spread from where it was and told people just to keep on dancing. Knew I had to come back.
My first year where 07. The idea of been in a tent for a week had never realy spoken to me. And Roskilde had all kiend of music I did not know.
But for a long time it looked like Metallica would come, and beening a big fan I want that. So I made a deal with a friend about going if they came. Like you know they did´t but we had spend so much time talking about Roskilde and with names like. Muse, In flames & Beastie Boys I went.

fuck the rain, there where something magic about it.
My first year was 2012. Couple of years I had been attending on Finnish festivals but needed something "more". I had also read and heard cool stories about Roskilde, so why not. And when I checked the lineups from previous years I thought that there couldn't be so bad year that I won't enjoy the festival. Then I found cheap flights from Finland and the story still continues.

That year we arrived on tuesday and it was pretty easy to find a large spot in silent & clean camping compared to nowadays.
I'm from Spain and I've always loved music and festivals, my first in Madrid one was in 1996. In 2004 I went to esbjerg to do an Erasmus thing so it was obvious that the final stage of my stay should be Roskilde for sure (I remember watching broadcasts from mtv here) and that year was the one that Bowie was supposed to play (shit). I got in love with the festival so much, that I've come here since then (this one will be my 14th in a row, 1 marriage and 2 kids in between).

It has become an encounter point with Spanish friends all over the world. We can't understand one year without gin squash, spaguettis, Arena and Orange stage and our Spanish flag. Maybe the best 4-5 days of the year. maybe :D
Well I had been at all the major Irish festivals but never abroad, one year a friend asked me to go to Wacken in Germany , after 5 or 6 years there I went to Swedish Rock Festival and then to Sziget in Hungary , great festival but the heat was just too much so the next year I gave RF a shot just out of curiosity and have not looked back since. :D
Never been to a festival outside Finland besides Roskilde. Don´t think I have to look any further as I´m quite happy with this one.
My three first Roskilde´s were with much of the same friends. Then came a five year pause and then finally I convinced couple of other friends to go with me in 2009. I liked it so much, that I joined in with a group (the live music association of Helsinki) who make a trip to Roskilde every year. It was with two busses then. (They have had 11 busses on the best year and a full sized circus tent where they had their own bar and everything.) If I hadn´t had the opportunity to go with them, I don´t think I would have gone alone after 2009. So, I went with them for two years and after quite a catastrophic year in 2011 I decided that I can go by myself if necessary. Each year though I´ve had some company at least.
I grew 12 km from Roskilde, so it has been in my mindset as forever.

I decided to go in 1987, after I heard my father and his friend telling about it. I was 12 at that time.

The first 4 years, I was picked up by my mother around 10-11 pm, to get home to sleep.

The first year I brought my friends, and slept at the camping area was in 1991.

I still can't imagine to be without this experience for a week, every year.
I was a huge The Who fan around 2007, so when I saw they were playing Roskilde a friend of mine decided to go. However, my friend ultimately ditched me to go to some stupid 'studenterfester'.

Instead, we went the following year and have been regular attendant since 2008. Easily the highlight of my year and I spend way too much time preparing for each year (rumours, band research, studying tour plans up to announcements etc) :D
The first time, it was more or less by accident.

I had been reading the website and the forum for some time already, but I wasn't actually considering a trip to Roskilde before some time (too many other projects waiting...)

That year (2011), I discovered in mid-winter that I would have a couple of days off to take before the end of June, for whatever corporate-regulations-related reasons. My girlfriend was pregnant, and she didn't want to plan anything too far in advance, so if I were to leave home, it would have to be alone. As she doesn't like huge crowd, loud music and drunk people, RF suddenly appeared as THE thing I had to do that year.

I think I arrived on Wednesday night, so I almost totally missed the warm-up days (music started on Thursday at that time), but I promised myself to arrive earlier if I returned in 2012 (which I did).
I go to a lot of concerts, and back in 1995, Denmark didn't have THAT many festivals around. Living in Copenhagen, Roskilde wasn't too far away, and they had this image of being a rock/metal festival, and being a metalhead, I naturally wanted to go. Many of my favorite bands played that year (and the next couple of years as well). I went with three of my friends the first time, and like many others, I became hooked afterwards.
First time was in 1994, a good friend of mine had been in 92 and 93 and seen concerts like KRS One & Boogie Down Productions, and Guru's Jazzmatazz project. I was pretty jealous of this and almost went in 1993, but then got distracted and did something else. So when 1994 came around, I had to go. I tried to prepare and pack, but had no idea what I was getting myself in to really. I lost my sleeping bag upon arrival at the festival site, so yeah, better get busy living the festival life right away, or die. The camping area was a completely different world than it is today. Everyone was building crazy camps, because you could bring anything to the camp site. People playing acoustic guitars everywhere, much more "bon-fire" kind of feeling with people sitting in circles and singing and talking. Oh, and there was the dutch techno busses, blasting a 24-7 party, much like every camp seem to be doing these days. First concert experience: walking straight into the Rage Against The Machine concert and thinking, wow, get closer to the stage, get closer, get closer, the crowd was just crazy and seemed never ending. The festival just felt so big back then, a never ending feeling both in distance and vibes. I returned home a week later, with a completely blown mind and a body that screamed for a shower... I knew I had to return the next year, and I have not missed a year since.
Yeah, the festival site needs more acoustic guitars.... (and dutch raver busses)
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