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I just noticed the Silent & Clean pre-booking add-on ticket price has increased from 40 DKK last year to 100 DKK in 2017.
Last year there was no additional service at S&C so I guess the 40 DKK was just an administrative fee (although the waiting area ticket, that you also needed is / was only 10 DKK but is now included in the S&C pre-booking ticket).

Now the ticket website mentions this:


In 2017 we've upped the level of service available to you at our Special Camping areas. In Silent & Clean that means:

You can book your access in advance to make sure you have a spot in the popular area
There will be more toilets and showers available
There will be a cloakroom including free mobile charging
We make sure that you will get access to the area before everyone else and make sure that there is a space for your tent when you arrive.

So are the additional 50 DKK going towards extra toilets and, hopefully, showers?
It all goes to booking Popcaan.
B. wrote: So are the additional 50 DKK going towards extra toilets and, hopefully, showers?

Well, I decided to email the Roskilde organisation and they confirmed that there will be showers and 'real' (I assume flush as opposed to chemical / Dixi) toilets at S&C this year :love:
I have a question about S&C:

After the Clean Out Loud-decline my camp and I are looking for a new area. How "silent" is there at S&C? Are you allowed to party at all? I mean.. I like to listen to some good music (not Emil Stabil or other shitty stuff) throughout the day and night in the warm up. But how strict is it in S&C?

The Clean-part i get. Like to keep my area clean, and leave it (almost) as i entered it.
There are no camps with big sound systems there (I don't know if they are simply not allowed, but there are none to be found).
Last year we had a Soundboks and that was no problem (during the day).
After 22:00 no music of any kind is allowed, not even soft singing with an acoustic guitar (although that may vary depending on the guards at duty).
As far as I have experienced you are still allowed to party at your camp at night, but without any music, as long as you don't go overboard with the noise.
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