A section for random Roskilde festival related stuff that doesn't quite fit in the above categories.
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Wallu wrote: Easiest way to save is to skip beer. :D
Buy cheap alcohol at the supermarket, then you can get drunk easily for less than 100kr daily.

Before you buy food at the shops, dont look at the menus and the photos of the food, look at the food people around are eating, then decide if its worth your money...
I think it's important to keep in mind that an hour of awake RF-festivaltime has to be considered to be of high value. If in any way possible not too much of this precious good should be wasted on the task of procuring food and drink.

But without the energy and the buzz from food and drink the festival can't be enjoyed, of course.

Can collecting should thus really only be the last option. Cooking large amounts of noodles and rice and bringing stuff from outside the festival grounds - from home - probably is the most advisable means to tackle money issues.
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