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Have you ever visited Roskilde Festival while on a limited budget? What are your tips on saving money while still having the most amount of fun?

I never had to do it on a strict budget although I always keep an eye on exorbitant food and drink prices (although most prices at the festival seem to be fair, sometimes you see a vendor taking the piss). We buy most food and beer at the festival and only bring stronger drinks like vodka and other liquor that you can't get at the festival.

I guess everything you need can be found cheaper at home in budget stores etc. so if you have the ability to come by car you can bring a lot of cheaper goods from home.
Every year I´m on a budget. I tend to keep the drinking mainly on warm-up days and that way I can actually remember the bands too. If I drink on the music-days, I usually buy only couple of beers per day and go for the budget-wine. That´s amazingly cheap.

Next summer, I will be much better off money-wise, so lets see if that means heavier drinking... Those heavenly strawberry-daiquries will be a daily luxury to take away the hangover. They do that job very well.

EDIT : The spaghetti sold on the festival grounds gives a lot of energy for low price.
Totally agree on spaghetti , its my staple food while on the festival grounds. It also helps the budget if travelling from abroad to book your flights as early as possible , It means you save big but have to be committed to going to RF long before the line up is announced. 8-)
Another good tip is to take some hard liquor (Vodka, Whisky etc etc) in the 1/2 litre bottle that you are allowed to bring and then mix it up with the cola/orange juice that you buy on the festival site.
Huge amounts of porridge in the morning, most days that is enough to keep me stuffed until evening time!
The kitchen in dream city offer good facilities for cooking with a stove and a pot :)
Two years ago we cooked breakfast with a small gas stove. Boiled eggs and plain rice with some sugar and cinnamon. Super cheap and a great filler. You have to be able to keep everything free of moisture in your tent though.
That sounds very nice, not a dish i have tried before, but i guess it is a good start for a festival day!

One year i bought all the food i needed in a grocery store before the festival, but that was a one timer, it took to much of my time, and then i had to return to the camp every time i needed food, and that i disliked very much! But all in all, it was super cheap..

When the festival area opens, my friends and i, are walking around the food stores late at night, to find drunk peoples leftovers. There are so many who buys to big a meal!!
It always end up in a competetion in who find the best leftovers. My best was a 3/4 of a dixie burger!
Whaaat that sounds disgusting :-) I would never eat some left over food.

Only exceptions would be if I tried to survive in WW3, a alien invasion or a virus/zombie outbreak.

But then again, my friends who doesn't attend Roskilde think its like that.

I have it the same way with people looking for food in the supermarket dumpsters.

I could understand if some one came over and offered their last nachos or spaghetti or something like that but maybe its just me that are a little bit wierd.
Well i do dumpster diving normally, so i am not that critically ;)
Well that explain it :-)
It´s always good to bring down the amount of food wasted. Big up!
I am not really on a budget these day (not a tight one, at least), but I was a couple of years ago.

I mostly agree with what has been written above. Buy expensive stuff and booze outside of the festival, eat not only the most expensive food, drink (also) some water :)
Have a fruit from the fruit trailer twice a day, or more. No hunger for a couple of hours afterwards, and it also helps to keep fit.
+1 for the spaghetti. My favorite is pesto with a mountain of grated cheese on top.

Food at RF is not cheap, but it is also of very decent quality, to my opinion. I have attended a huge lot of concerts and festivals in my home country, and Roskilde is by far the most value for money in this regard.

As I attend alone, I don't bring food for self-cooking, although I sometimes BBQed some meat on the bonfire.

A couple of times, I also happened to propose to share a meal with somebody in the same food stall queue. At the end of the night, I am not really starving to death, I just don't want to wake up too hungry in the early morning, so a 1/2 burger of half a plate of something is more than enough.
There is a kebab / shawarm stall at the area of Apollo that has very large dishes that you can easily share with two or even three people.
I think a lot of people throw half of their order away so if you keep an eye out you can easily score some left overs there.
As a student I've always been on a budget. Here is what I did last year to survive:

1. One in my camp travelled to Roskilde by car, and brought A LOT of boxed wine. Enough to make 20 people die everyday.

2. Brought different kind of bread + topping (tuna, pesto, corns etc.)

3. Bought beer-vouchers before the festival. Saves you a bit, but this year beer will be a lot cheaper.

4. Searching food-areas for food. People are happy not to throw out their food, but insted give it to poor students.

5. Bring havregryn, some kind of a box, and then buy milk in the city centres. Keeps you mæt (not hungry, haha) for hours.

6. Find cheap ways to get to Roskilde. "Orange Billet" with DSB, the Abildskou-busses, GoMore-carpool etc.

7. Bring some candy-stuff, for when you're craving shit.
Skip beer.
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