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So, Record Store Day tomorrow.

What do people think of it, and anyone have their eye on some specific releases?

Will try to get my hands on The Smiths 7", the two The Cure releases and The The feat Johnny Marr 7". Also a few other releases that look interesting, so will see what my local shop gets in.

I do feel a bit bad for people living far away from any of the shops, having to work or other reason that might prevent you to go to the store at that exact though, the concept seems a bit unfair in that sense.
Nothing for me this time. I have cut down my vinyl purchases quite a bit, although I had to order Vanishing Twins album from England... :)

Last year I got Sublime´s first album on RSD.
I will go to our little record store, and hopefully find something interesting.

But I don't know what waits me, so no big expectations.
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