Discuss the current and past Roskilde festival lineup and announcements.
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Roskilde Festival presents Tivoli Copenhagen Phil. A classical mixtape performed in a 360 degrees experience. Prepare to be surrounded by over 70 amazing musicians when Tivoli Copenhagen Phil enters the Arena tent and performs a unique sonic experience on the ground inside the tent.
The full band schedule for Roskilde Festival 2017 will be revealed on 27 April

Well, I don't think I'm going to this concert, but it sounds interesting!

More interesting is, that the FULL SCHEDULE will be revealed 27 april!

Isn't that really early? Not complaining, just wondering.
I won't miss this! I'll probably only catch 20 minutes or so, but it sounds like a unique experience.
Now we have everything. :)

I think I will attend this too as I´ve become more and more fond of classical music over the years. Great stuff!!
I think it sounds awesome, how I will catch it
Fuck yes. Time for a good mosh pit.
Count me in, classical music has to be heard live :D . The full schedule unfortunately means this years clashes are also revealed on the 27th. Aggh.
Exciting booking. I love that Roskilde does these things. If it doens't clash with something else, I'll check it out!

Edit: Oh yeah, and Thursday is gonna be Hell!
Excited to see what the final batch of bands will be. Bråvalla announced Håkan Hellstrøm today, that would be a really good booking for me!
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