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I'm traveling alone and got a pre book ticket in silent and clean I'm coming from Egypt. The most suitable flight I found was one arriving in Copenhagen at 2:45 pm Saturday 24 June add maybe an hour and a half until I make it to Roskilde so is that enough to have an OK spot? i necessarily don't want to arrive early than usual.
Yeah, you should be okay as S&C is only accessible to people with a pre-booking ticket until midnight.
If you are just one person it shouldn't be a problem anyway.

Keep in mind that it will be very busy around the time you arrive as the camping sites open at 16:00 so expect some queueing at the shuttle buses and entrance.

Make sure to go directly to the South entrance, you can get your official wristband later at one of the main entrances but you are allowed to get on the camping site right away wit your pre-booking ticket.

If there is an option to arrive earlier in Copenhagen on Saturday I would recommend it just to avoid the queues and join the pre-party in the waiting area.
Please elaborate more on pre-party in the waiting area got me intrigued the festival organizes it or the campers?
Well "party" is maybe a bit of a strong term, "event" is maybe more appropriate.
As you know the access to the camping sites opens on Saturday 16:00. Since about 80-90% of everyone that attends Roskilde already shows up on that Saturday (and some even on the Friday before) there are now (for many years actually) 3 large waiting areas at entrances East, West and South where all these people hang around waiting and indeed partying until the campings officially open at 16:00.

The festival only provides stuff like toilets, drinking water, security and volunteers that can inform you on where to queue, help at the car parks, help at the train and bus stations etc. so there are no artists or DJs already but of course the waiting guests bring their own sound systems, drinks, food etc.

If you can, try to arrive at the East entrance bus stop some time in the morning, before noon I'd say and you will arrive in the midst of the queueing pre-party.

I can also advice you to try and join a camp that plans to stay in S&C/J like you, that makes the whole festival experience (including the queueing) al lot more fun.
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