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I you haven´t seen the facebook post you can get on the waiting list to some of the above mentioned options.

I just wonder, have they found more space inside the existing area or have they expanded them.
Does anybody know more about this?
I have signed up for the get-a-tent east waitinglist, but I have no clue about when these tickets are released or how many will be released.
Email the organisation, they are pretty good with answering with the correct information.

Since a few years they make waiting lists for all sold out ticket types.
I think in the Facebook post they mentioned they where able to add a few more tents so I guess if you enter the waiting list you might get one of the new tents (or a spot from someone that needs to cancel their ticket).
There is a new Facebook post now:

A very limited number of Get A Tent East, Get A Place and Tenthouse will go on sale Wednesday 3 May at 12:00.

What to do?
1. Sign up on the waiting list: (deadline 09:00 Wednesday)
2. Check your mail at 12:00 on Wednesday (you'll receive a link)

Caravan Camping also just sold out and tickets for the festival are still in very high demand. Get your's before it's too late!
Yes I saw their post today, so on wednesday, I will know if I get-a-tent-ticket. I hope so because I'm getting too old for regular camping, where I'll never get any sleep.

I guess the extra tents must be placed next to the current get-a-tent, but I have no idea of how many.
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