Hello! I'm a 20 year old boy from Denmark. I have been at Roskilde in 2015 and 2016 with my friends. Unfortunately almost none of my friends are going this year, so i'm looking for a camp. I love Roskilde, and i consider Roskilde Festival as by far the best week of the year, so i'm going no matter what!

I always watch a lot of concerts. I love rap music, most old school, and i almost don't listen to anything else normally, but at Roskilde I also listen to other types of music of course.

I really like to go to Dream City to party in the first Roskilde-days!

This year my headliners are NAS and A Tribe Called Quest, and i'm planning to be in the front row and queuing in 6 hours or so. My sub-headliners are 47Soul and Moderat/Modeselektor.

Maybe two of my friends will join me, but they are not sure yet. I'm planning on queuing to get a good spot, maybe 1-2 days before the festival opens. I have bought entrance to west, but i can just buy to one of the other entrances if necessary.

If you are interested, just answer this post