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So a couple of friends and I are going to Roskilde this year and we want to have our own private camp with a music system inside the camp. Do anybody know how much it costs to rent a music system at the festival? And perhaps if you have a better and more sufficient idea regarding having our own music in our camp? :)
What sort of size are you thinking about?

I think it is going to be difficult to rent something, no matter the size of the required system. I don't think any rental company is going to want to rent you equipment to use at the camping of a music festival ;)

You also need to take into account that you will have to provide power to the system somehow. As generators are not allowed you have to provide your own batteries and power converters.

Probably the best system in this situation (but not available for rent a.f.a.i.k.) is a Soundboks (https://soundboks.com/). You can also combine several units into one large system. The power situation is also solved with this system as they have very good internal batteries that you can charge on the festival itself.
The previous years it has been possible to build your own stereo at the Maker Space at the festival. Even though it is not the loudest, it is small, cheap and very convenient. We used one a couple of years ago and I can only recommend it.
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