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In 2008 Camp Unknown was started for anyone who wanted to meet new people. This year we are celebrating our 10th consecutive year and we want the entire world to join us!

The concept is simple; if your friends have abandoned you, if you wanna meet new people, if you just like being surrounded by strangers, this is for you. We have no requirements regarding your age, nationality, gender or height. We don't expect you to bring a huge stereo or buy us loads of beer. We just want to meet you and you and especially you so check us out on Facebook or on

We will set up camp somewhere around C and will queue up on Friday. So if you have an entrance booking for West that would be awesome. If not we will figure it out.

We are all looking forward to seeing you!
How do I join the camp?:)
Just join the Facebook event linked above and we will keep you updated ;)
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