Discuss the current and past Roskilde festival lineup and announcements.
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Which warmup bands interest you? I would like to see The Kutimangos and Odd Couple if I´m not totally drunk or find it too hard to leave J.
Not sure who will play there, but I want to check out the new EAST stage.
What´s that?
I think there is a re-shuffle on the camping area stages this year. The old skate scene is no more, and there will be a new stage somewhere on east, called EAST. I guess more info will come at some point.
I have a handful of warmup recommendations:

Franske Piger sounds like a meeting between M83 and Thomas Helmig in a dark alley. Romantic, 80's tinged pop rock. Saw them this weekend on SPOT Festival. They're a full, five man band live, as opposed to the two dudes who record the music.

Fugleflugten ought to be a treat for those of you looking forward to Slowdive. They share some aspects, namely that spacious, reverb-laden sound.

The Love Coffin is a raw, emotional live act who play unhinged, desperate post punk. Hard to pin down, but maybe they're equal parts Jesus & Mary Chain, Gun Club and Suede, approximately? Saw them last autumn, warming up for Fright Eye and Molly. I love Molly, but The Love Coffin was a pleasantly abrasive surprise.

Modest is just a solid, honest rock band. Very young guys, but also very disciplined and extremely hardworking in a live setting. Saw them on SPOT Festival last year.

Værket play ambitious prog rock much in the vein of Jethro Tull or King Crimson. Long, labyrinthine songs, heaps of guys on stage including an waif-thin elf-like dude on transverse flute (!), a very flamboyant lead singer channelling his inner Freddie Mercury and literally the wildest drummer, I've seen in years (he also plays in the black metal band Slægt). Saw them twice last year, one of those times was at Roskilde – they played the small Mayhem/Escho stage west of Orange Stage. These are the ones you CANNOT miss.

Based on their sheer energy alone, I'm also inclined to go check out SIBIIR and Bæst at Roskilde. Gonna see Ayowa next weekend.
Thanks for recommending Værket, they sound pretty cool! Will definitely check them out.

Besides those already mentioned (Love Coffin, Fugleflugten, Kutimangoes) I would like to hear Dør Nr 13 (alternative/post punk-ish rock), Irah (Enya meets trip hop), and Pom Poko (indie with a math rock-sound).

However, good intentions aside, whether I will go see most of them or not is most likely to be determined by how comfortable I sit in my festival chair at the time....
Oh, I would have totally missed Vaerket if you hadn´t mentoinod them. Seems cool, hopefully they play after dark. They seem a bit young to play that sort of music ( in my mind prog rock is only played by generations older than me... :) )
Wallu wrote: Oh, I would have totally missed Vaerket if you hadn´t mentoinod them. Seems cool, hopefully they play after dark. They seem a bit young to play that sort of music ( in my mind prog rock is only played by generations older than me... :) )

They're a blast live. Probably the best thing I saw on Roskilde last year, and they weren't even on the official programme. The live recordings online as well as their studio EP 'Jealousy Hits' don't do them justice at all.

They don't play after dark though – they're set to play at 5 pm Sunday the 25th of June, so unless there's a reshuffle of the schedule that we don't know about, it will be a sunny afternoon gig.
Oh, yes. The schedule is actually out already... :)
I have had live-experiences with both School of X and Irah and I will definitely try and catch them again. Amazing shows, both of them, and I think that both have managed to create their own sound. Irah will probably lose to a trip to Copenhagen and Guns N' Roses though, which is a shame...

Gangly sounds really good as well, but haven't seen them yet. Dør nr. 13 is for the fans of Minds of 99, but I think they are far from that level of quality
I like Natjager, the very first act to play at Roskilde this year. He is the former member of Danish act Specktors (who were extremely popular at Roskilde a few years ago, and played a pretty legendary latenight concert at Avalon). He is now out with a new project, mixing some new styles together with the same crazy energy he was a guarantee for in his Specktors days.

Funny how tastes can be so different - Natjager is some of the worst music my ears have ever heard :lol:
My ears is bleeding
Bogfinkevej is very nice danish hiphop, but if you dont understand danish I dont think it will work

As Cold said BAEST will be great. They are the hottest thing in Danish metal atm, talk of the town and kick ass on the way. Great live band and just watch the lead singer in his other band(Livløs) a few days ago , and he is a monster on the stage. So if you like metal this is a warm up must see
AyOwA definitely gets my recommendation. They're billed as a duo, but in the live setting, they're joined by Anders Meinhardt on drums, and he is a bit of a wizard. You might know him from the live bands of L.O.C., Suspekt, Medina etc., but his main project was the drum'n'bass band F.U.K.T. and AyOwA even wanders into that territory sometimes.
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