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My get-a-camp is too big!
I was very optimistic and bought the 8-tent camp, but now I only need 4 tents. How do I go about to change this (and get some money back, of course)?
I think you've very slim chances to make that happen. Problem is that Get-a-camp is all sold out.

You'd have to be lucky to find someone who bought the 4 tent package who needs a bigger camp and then do a swap. Your best bet is probably to find some more people to join your camp and have them share the expenses for your GAC package.
Get yourself on the waiting list for a 4 tent get a camp. If you get one, put your 8 tent version for sale on the same waiting list (more info on the Roskilde website).
There is of course the risk you won't sell you 8 tent ticket but maybe you can contact Roskilde organization or ticketservice to ask about the status of the waiting list.
Good advice. Thanks!
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