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I'm an 18-year-old male from Aarhus, Denmark who's looking for a camp after my friend suddenly decided not to go to Roskilde at all. I'm a native speaker of Danish and I speak English fluently, so the language barrier is pretty much non-existing. It is my second year at Roskilde, but I have went to a dozen other festivals throughout the past few years, so I am in no way a virgin to the festival scene. I'm open to all sorts of camp, and I'm pretty flexible socially and I listen to all sorts of music, however when alone I mostly listen to rap and hip hop.
I enjoy partying, but also enjoy relaxing grabbing a beer or two. Another thing worth pointing out is that I'm a volunteer meaning I have to work 4 shifts throughout the festival.
If you are looking for another person to join your camp, or if you're up for creating an entirely new camp, hit me up and let us sort something out!

I'll also link my Facebook profile below so you can contact me there too.

Jacob Hagedorn Hansen
Link to my Facebook profile: Jacob Hagedorn Hansen
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