We are Camp Kafaan, named after the infamous, relatively shortlived Kafe Kafaan, a cafe for young radicals in Bergen around the early 2000s. A group of old friends from the west of Norway aged 26-28, as well as a 19 year old recruit from this forum. Some of us have been on the festival several times, others are first timers, and we are going to Roskilde 2017(obviously). As it stands, it looks like we'll be around 8-10 people in our camp this year, but only four of us will arrive before the opening. Since we have to wait a day or two for our dear friends to arrive and we don't want to get lonely, we are looking to expand. Also, it is easier to aquire a camp for 10+ people when we are more than four people.

We are a lovely group of guys, if I may say so myself, and would love to have other beer/music/fun loving people around us. So far we're guys only, since our female members decided to skip the festival this year, but we're open for adding girls to the camp as well. If you are a good hearted and kind person who respects other people and avoids doing things an idiot would to others, you are welcome to shoot me a PM or e-mail. Doesn't really matter if you're travelling alone and looking for a camp or you're a smaller group looking to merge. We are looking to stay at our dear C, as always.

This is what what we looked like two years ago, and it hasn't gotten THAT much worse since then.
That's yours truly giving the thumbs up, and the guy behind me won't be at the festival,sadly,
but if you want to meet him I can always arrange somethingImage