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At the Hurricane Festival, which starts next week, they have a new project for a safe place. Last year I more often then the years bevor heard about young girl treatet respectless by drunken guys. Some people might also react nervous because the terror think. The have a code word "Where is the way to panama" an if you tell it to stuff at a bar, the security oder other stuff people, they bring you to a save place and try to help you there, so that you can get out of the situation. I think it is an interesting project: Here ist the google translator version in danish:

At bo på en festival er altid forbundet med sjov, men du er også udsat for en ganske sensoriske overbelastning på samme tid, med ikke klare alle besøgende. Overalt, folk det er højt, det er travle, er det farverige ... En usædvanlig observation eller et møde med en anden person, da nogle gange opfattes som truende, og både kvinder og mænd også kan føle sig chikaneret eller chikaneret.
For at modvirke præcis sådanne situationer, tilbyder vi dig mulighed for med projektet "Hvor du går til Panama?" For at få hjælp uden at skulle forklare dig. Ofte følelsen er "Jeg føler sig truet mig eller ubehageligt" ikke ligefrem materielle eller du ikke ønsker en fremmed nødt til at fortælle, at man netop er blevet angrebet eller chikaneret.
Med udtrykket "Hvor os gå til Panama?" Du kan sætte dig selv på hver bar, kan anlægges af alle sikkerhedspersonalet, vore Festival jobbers og selvfølgelig politi og ambulancefolk uden yderligere undersøgelse i et beskyttet miljø. Alle dem, der kender vejen til Panama, iført en grøn og rød armbind med ordet Panama. Det gør ingen forskel, om kvinder eller mænd bede om hjælp eller hvorfor. Alle søger hjælp er hjulpet efter behov lokalt.

Maybe it Would be an idea for other festivals like roskilde too or do was have something like that?
I am not a girl, but I think Roskilde Festival itself is a pretty safe place.

During my 5 years at RF, I have attended concerts of all genres, partied with all kinds of people and seen the most heavily shitfaced people, and I still have to witness a harassment event that goes farther than some mild seduction, where people clearly understand the meaning of the word "no".
I wish it were the same in my home town, where it is becoming clearly unpleasant, and even unsafe for a girl to be out after 10pm.
My feeling is that respect is so much a part of our state of mind at Roskilde that any tentative troublemaker would be quickly stopped by his own friends.
Moreover, I think a woman - or man - that feels like being uncomfortable could ask for help from any of the 150k+ festivalgoers, and they would probably oblige to bring her or him to a safer place, and to help stop the conflict situation before it becomes unmanageable.
This probably applies to any kind of violence at Roskilde, by the way.

It would be great if women could give their opinion on the forum as well.

But robo, you are right. This would be a good idea for many festivals or other places. I just feel like it is not really necessary at Roskilde.

By the way, a related matter was discussed on the forum 4 years ago :
I agree with you pat that Roskilde is safe and is the place I feel most safe, but safe is diffrent for all, and what some find fun, other findes very offensive.
We can never fin a way , all will love a 100% so thing it would be a good idea, and more at Roskilde then a lot of other place. For the reason that Roskilde is fun, crazy and safe most of the time, so when you dont feel that, it can be hard to say, I dont like this. And it is a simple thing that wont chance the festival, but will do that ppl can go for a shop and get help with having to say a lot
Woman here :) This year will be my 7th at Roskilde.
Honestly I get more catcalling, harassment etc in a single night out than I have had in 6 years at Roskilde. I realize this doesn't apply to everyone, but it's my personal experience.
Some people can get a bit handsy, not take no for no right away etc, but most the time someone else has stepped in before I've even had a chance to yell at them.

I feel very safe at Roskilde. It amazes me how much people take care of eachother, and I feel safely that I'd get help from anyone if I ever needed it.
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